Choose instant apps to stay connected with the world!

Messaging has become the new language of communication. And the influx of instant messaging apps in the market has set new trends in the field of online chatting. Be it some happy news or some personal talk; people have started sharing everything in form of text messages. They are easy to type and fast to send to the end receiver. Be it a student, a youth or an adult; texting has casted its spell on every age and income group. Today’s generation is so much addicted to it that most of its time gets consumed in chatting over messages only. Their day picks up a start with chatting and sets down at night again with chatting only! Throughout the day their fingers are at work and get some rest only when the person is on sleeping mode!

Famous Instant apps let you chat with individuals as well as group of your family members and friends in the real time. This didn’t use to happen when we used to do normal offline chatting. There was no option of doing a group chat, where each and every member will get to see and read the texts that are being posted on the group. But, online messaging has made this thing possible today. We can now include as many people as we want into a group and chat throughout the day. This helps in saving time because rather than replying to every person individually; you can reply to all of them on the group and have lots of fun together. Send funny videos, share your pictures, forward jokes, dedicate voice notes to the special one in the group and enjoy the pleasure of these options.

Even in setting up a business well, these instant messaging apps could be of great help! Rather than paying somebody to generate bulk messages for you and then send them to every mobile; you can simply make use of such apps and reach out to the inbox of every phone number yourself. This will save a huge chunk of money of yours and your work would still get done effectively that too for free! It is a very cost efficient way to promote your business in the social network!

Another advantage of online chatting is that you can simultaneously do many other works and even talk to the people around you at that moment. But, when you are engaged with somebody over a call and someone wants to tell you something important in your office or your home, then you have to hold the line.

Make a way for instant messaging apps in your smart phone and live a happy life. You will have lots of contacts and people to chat with, without even investing a single penny on it. Only an internet connection is required! Messaging has become more than an addiction today and there is no antidote available, once you fall in its trap! All you will keep doing throughout the day would be just texting and more texting. Every time and everywhere, your fingers would be in action to type the message, which you desire to send to the other person. This is the fever that has got viral due to the instant messaging apps that have come in the market. You would find every individual busy in chatting all the time; be it a student, a working individual or a house wife!

One cannot compare the fun of having a chatting session with the help of some instant messaging apps, to the calls that we make. You can do so many other works while exchanging texts, which you definitely can’t carry out while talking to somebody over a call. You can leave the chat for a while and complete any of your pending work till the reply arrives from the other end. But, while you are on a call you can’t do the same; you just can’t leave the conversation in between to do some other work. You have to be present on the call till the time a person is talking to you and make your presence felt to him/her.

Instant messaging apps also save a lot of money of an individual in this expensive world. No recharge is required for it and not even any charge is been levied on sending messages. The only thing that you require is a smart gadget and an internet connection that could connect you with your friends and family members. Share as much texts, picture, videos, audios etc. as you want to, because sending and receiving of these things don’t have any limit! You are set free at your own will from all the boundations!

Chat throughout the day or night and just be connected with the people that are an important part of your world through instant messaging apps. Break the wall of physical distance, when you can talk to a person overseas without paying anything at all. These apps have made it easier for a person to interact and form new bonds with each other irrespective of the geographical location of a person.

How To Make Investing In Stocks Bulletproof

It is Very vital for one to invest their money. This is because investments help you to increase your money. One of the best ways of investing is by buying stocks. This method can be described simply that you are putting your money on the capable hands of big companies that you believe will trade very well in the future so that you are able to get profits through dividend returns.

The main idea that is used in the operation of stocks is that you need to buy stock at a price that is slightly cheaper then you get to sell it at a much higher price thus making some profit from that.

For one to be able to learn all the trades that are carried out in the stock market, you need to buy and also sell the stocks on your own, do not use a middle man in this transaction so as to be able to learn how the stock market works. However, if you are not interested to master the market fluctuations of the stock then you can get the assistance of a broker who will do the buying and selling for you at a certain pay.

Purchasing Stocks for the Very First Time

If it is your first time to invest in stocks, then you should know that the problem is set to roll from purchasing of the stocks. This is usually found to be very interesting for the starts. The idea of investing in stocks is very easy for one to grasp. However, it has also proven at times to be challenging to some people. This is the main reason why it is very important for a newbie in the stock market to be very keen and cautious in all the business deals that are undertaken in the stock market.

For one who is getting into this, they need to have a very positive attitude and have an open mind with so much readiness to learn. One should first shelve the ideas of getting maximized profits first and learn the stock market first.

You also need to keep in mind all the risks which are undertaken in this stock trading. You should be keen and avoid investing all your money in investments as it might at times not go as you had planned and this could bring you down if you had invested all your money in the same stock.

It is very necessary for a beginner to first begin small then get to learn from the initial experiences that you get. This will guarantee you a much greater chance at success as you will be able to discern the good stock thus able to purchase the better trading stock for investment from the margin.


When should you finance your business with a loan?

InvestmentWhen you want to finance a business, there are different ways to get funds. Getting a loan is one of the basic ways to finance a business. Other ways are equity and convertible debt.  There are other ways as well to finance a business. This includes personal investments; reward based fundraising, bootstrapping and seeking help from friends and family. Each method has its own advantages and fits better to some of the situations than the others.

Getting a loan is the easiest way to get funds for a business than equity and getting a convertible debt. If you qualify, you will get borrow an amount of money then pay it back at a later date with established interest rate.

What to consider before getting a loan

Before you decide to fund your business with a loan, it is essential to consider the following factors;

  • Industry, stage and size of the business
  • Amount you intend to raise
  • The way you plan to use it
  • Short and long term goals for the business

When you make a decision to go for a loan also called debt based fundraising, you must have a meeting with your lender to discuss terms of the loan and rate of interest that comes with repayment of the loan that you will receive. You can also provide expected time frame within which you can repay the loans.


Interest rate

Loan is the most common form for getting outside capital to start new business. Venture capitalists and angle investors appear in big headlines when they fund well performing companies. However, it is debt providers who are behind most of investment money that goes into funding most of businesses that do not get a mention on business magazine covers and websites.


Collateral is one of the important pieces for a loan.  Apart from the investment plan that convinces lenders about viability of your project, it is the core thing. These are some of the things that lenders will need from you before you get a loan so that they can sell them and recoup their money in case you are unable to repay the borrowed money. You have better chances of getting a large loan when you have more collateral.

For example if you want a loan to establish a business that sells office equipment, you will seek a specific amount that is suitable to buy the first set of products to sell. After establishing the interest and other loan terms, you can offer something valuable as collateral like property. You may also offer the new office equipment as part of the collateral.  Despite the assumption by many people, the banks and other loan lenders never make much profit on single loans   more so when some of them go bad.

For this reason, they only agree to a deal when they are 100% that they are not going to lose out. Lenders get this sense of security from collateral.

Getting a loan without collateral

There are many would be business people who are discouraged form acquiring a loan because they do not have collateral.   Collateral is synonymous with loans but it does not mean that it is everything. Lack of it does not fully rule out possibility of getting a loan.

If you do not have collateral and have no plans to personally sign for a loan, your options will be limited to smaller amounts mostly supported by organizations that support small businesses. The financiers or government become the consigner for your loan. Government cosigned loans might not be easy to get because it has many other obligations to meet but it may be the only entity that has the guts to bet on new ideas before implementation.

When to take a loan

Like other business funding options, there are various scenarios when a loan is the most practical option for financing the company. These are:best-way-to-invest-money (1)

When you need a small loan

Loans are better for small amount of capital. When you need a loan of less than $50,000, it does not make much sense to go for an option like giving up equity. There is less risk for entrepreneurs and investors with smaller goals than when you need large sums.

When there is quick need for capital

In business, there are times when you come across an opportunity that you will definitely miss out unless you can raise funds within very short time. It will not help to go for other funding options like equity because it consumes a lot of time. Loans tend to be processed faster providing you a better chance to get needed funds at the expected time.

When there is need for money for concrete reason

When your funding needs are in physical form, it makes more sense to get a loan. If for instance it is about a piece of real estate, you have collateral with you and it gives you the pleasure to give investors clean timelines.

When equity is not available

When you have a business, it is not always when you want to offer equity or go for convertible debt option.    An opportunity to expand the business may also rise when you are not prepared to pursue the other funding options. A loan is the right   way to go at such a time. Many entrepreneurs are reluctant to give up their equity in companies for genuine reasons therefore straightforward loan will have attractive benefit as they allow retaining of ownership and having control of the company.

When you seek a loan it is essential that you explore all your options carefully to see whatever is available and from who. It is better to have financing options but not need them rather than have a need for finances and fail to find any.

When is the right time in investing in stock market?

stock-marketThose people who are beginners in the stock market usually worry when it comes to timing of the initial stock purchases. This is because when get the wrong start from the starting point, it can greatly lead to a path that leaves you staring at very huge losses that are discouraging. However, one should not base their minds on the losing part since a clear planning will ensure that such losses are avoided. Whenever one starts investing in stock market, then they should know that time is on their side as each day counts increases their chances of reaping good returns from their investment. Over time, when you compound the returns of an investment which has been chosen carefully, they are one you can be proud of.

Avoid wasting time for nothing

Rather than wasting your precious time wondering when you should take your first shot, concentrate your mind on more important things. For instance, you should be worried about the time that you will want your money to remain in that market. There is a wide variety of investments which will offer you risk and returns of varying magnitude. Each one of these investments is also suited to a time frame that best suites it. Wasting time is the only real danger that one faces when they already have their money to invest.

When will you need the money you have invested?

The more time that you have to amass your cash, the greater the risk you shall be willing to accept. This is because even when the bad times have come, you will still have more time to wait until they are over. For those who want to get their money back after a period of about five years, they should avoid individual stocks. Others who want their money back should avoid the mutual funds and the real estate investment trusts whenever the interest’s rates increase.

When to sell

The moment you have decided what you are going to purchase and the time, then the next thing will be knowing when you will need to cash out. There are those investors who have the belief that stockthey can just ‘time’ the right time when the stocks will rise and fall. Due to such, some people will rush to sell their shares when they think the prices are at their peak. However, this is just an investor’s mind which one must not be misled to think that this is always the case. Also, one should avoid listening to the media which could mislead on the status of the market.

The media could pay attention to just one particular index which doesn’t reflect the entire state of the stock market. Investing in stocks does not rely on monitoring the whole market but rather, analyzing the strengths as well as weaknesses of individual companies.



investingA person who wants to invest money may get a little overwhelmed by the big amount of options that are in the investment market currently. However, one needs to be very keen before they settle on which way to invest their money in simply because this deals with a person’s financial security. It is very important to ensure that you have invested in avenues that are promising, those that are bound to bring you more money and not just keep spending money with no returns at all.

There are numerous ways of investing money depending on the state of the investor. A person gets to choose what they are going to invest in basing on the amount of money that they are willing to invest and also on the duration that they are able to wait plainly before the returns from the investments begin to get back.

You Can Invest In Money Funds

A person currently gets paid yields which do closer to zero when expenses are deducted which is the only reflection of the current state of the money market. Eventually, the moment that the interest rates go up, you are able to make money funds that are a little more attractive. However, in the meantime, you could look at the versions which are tax free so they end up paying interest that is tax free.

You Can Decide To Go Into Safe Investments Only

way of investSafe investments such as retirement plans or life insurance companies get to pay one of the best rates in the investment market. If you need high safety, make sure that you avoid placing any of your investments in the average bond funds. You need to keep going with the safe money funds instead. Safe investments in the current financial era pay very little interest. However, a person still needs to look more than ten times before investing as it is always good to be sure that it is a legit deal. It needs to be federally insured by the government.

You Can Invest in Bond Funds

The objective that is there with the bond funds is that with a greater interest income, there will be no capital gains or any profits of any kind which is usually associated with the stock funds.  The low down with this type is the fact that there are a lot of changes with the interest rates. When the interest goes up, the bond funds do not pay at all. They instead start loosing money thus the people who have invested in them get to lose also. This is the most popular way that most people run to when they want to invest their money .