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Is that a pencil in your pocket?...

Published: Friday, January 31, 2003

Updated: Tuesday, September 7, 2010 09:09

... Or are you just happy to see me?

In the tricky game of love and dating there are certain rules that one must follow. The problem- the rules vary from one person to the next. The solution- trying to figure out which rules apply to the certain someone you are after. And the hardest part- approaching your crush for the first time. (After all, first impressions are everything.) I talked to some fellow classmates about the flirting techniques and pick up lines that they feel work best here within the gates of Holy Cross. Let's see what they had to say.

Sophomore PJ Farell commented, "I think pick up lines, although useful, are for the most part very corny in nature."

Are all pick up lines corny?

Sophomore Drew Sullivan commented, "So, personally, I don't know any pick up lines. However, my roommate, KC "The Cizzo" Collins always uses this one on the ladies, and it usually works. It goes like this..."Do you have a mirror in your pocket...Why?...Cause I could see myself in your pants."

Sophomore Rob Guido said that his three favorite pick up lines are, "Did it hurt, falling from heaven?- Nice shoes, wanna ****- and wanna come to my place for breakfast?" Sophomore Chris Sullivan then said two favorite pick up lines of his are, "You look like a parking ticket... you got fine written all over you, and you dad must be a terrorist because you are the bomb."

Sophomore Drew Bigda, when asked to comment on pick up lines said, "Pick up lines only really come into play when one or more parties involved are under the influence of alcohol. I feel like for a sober guy to use a pickup line on a girl takes major guts, getting rejected might be the most embarrassing thing to admitting Mike Marron is your friend."

Do all pick up lines have to be in association with alcohol?

Junior Jeff Dams said, " I just keep it simple. I buy her a drink and then I say 'I just bought you a you owe me...I'll accept repayment in sexual favors.'"

Sophomore Chris Charles said that a favorite pick up line of his is, "Do you have a keg in your back pocket, because I would sure love to tap that ***." Chris then went on to elaborate on pick up lines, "Sometimes I have a hard time finding that special lady. When I'm having a really bad night, I look no further than my roommate, Brian "Hota" O'Grady, for some advice. Here's one that has worked for him on several occasions...after a long night of putting down brain grenades, he'll turn to a girl, whisper softly into her ear, 'I can't feel my legs...can I feel your ***?' So smooth."

Junior Nick Furiasse likes to keep his pick up lines simple, "So is this your first time at 611?"

Sophomore Sean Sloan also likes to keep it relatively simple, "Freshmen girls are easy. All you gotta do is say 'Hey, I got a meal plan to Crossroads, wanna come back to my place?'"

Junior Sean Regan, when asked about pick up lines, had this to say, "Usually all I have to do is tell the guy that I am looking for someone to smack around that night. This list of guys this has worked on is long and distinguished. Some notables are Drew Bigda and half the football team. When I am swinging from the other side of the plate, usually all I have to do is tell the lovely lady that I no longer live with Brian Taylor and they are all over me."

Do these boys' pick up lines actually work?

Sophomore Aimee Alati commented on a pick up line once tried on her, "One time at a bar these guys came up to me. One said, 'My friend thinks that he has bad breath, would you check and tell him?' Needless to say, that line did not work."

Sophomore Maggie Cerow said, "This one time a guy came over to me and said, 'Hey, I'm Bill, like the ones you don't have to pay.' The line didn't work!"

Often times pick up lines are associated with guys hitting on girls- do girls use lines as well?

Sophomore Ali Blum said that a favorite pick up line of hers is, "Hey, are you boxers felt... would you like them to be?" And, sophomore Holly Shea commented, "Once I said to a guy, 'Oh, you haven't seen my room yet have you?" Holly then continued, "Another time I said, 'Go Pats!'"

Sophomore Jeannine Laux commented, "Well, I love AOL because it allows people to flirt and drop pick up lines more discreetly."

Are pick up lines necessary?

Sophomore Timmy Moore doesn't think so, "ehh, a guy like me doesn't need pick up lines."

I, however, am in disagreement with Timmy. For, the best pickup line in the world, that has to work like a charm every time, is... "Hellllllloooooo, you are very good-looking!"

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