Dear Holy Cross,

Since the spring of 2011, my freshman year, readers of The Crusader have known me as “Ask Alannah,” the advice girl.  In the past seven semesters, I have constantly been falling in and out of love with authors, philosophies, subjects, friends, professors, family members, and ex-boyfriends.  But the relationship that has meant the most to me in these past four years has been my relationship with you, Holy Cross.  You have taught me lessons about myself that I will never forget.
On December 12th, 2009, I received the phone call that would change my life, I was accepted as a member of the class of 2014.  As a Jersey Girl, whose friends mainly stayed in the Tri-State area, this meant leaving behind everything I knew and accepting the challenge of moving into Red Sox territory. I told myself I could handle it. However, in the first semester of freshman year, thinking about my family, my dog, and friends in New Jersey exacerbated my homesickness.  It was not until my second semester of freshman year that I began to realize what Holy Cross truly had to offer. That semester, I began writing “Ask Alannah” and I started to see what it meant to be involved. Every Friday, my article was published and I felt more and more a part of this Holy Cross community.  The Crusader saved me from the life of an unfulfilled student, it gave me the confidence I needed to become a student leader, and showed my parents that I was “getting their money’s worth,” not only in the classroom.
So, thank you for the memories, Holy Cross, the all-nighters in the Civil War section of Dinand, and Tuesday nights at the pub.  But, most importantly, thank you for shaping me into the woman that I am.  You will forever be my home away from home.

Don’t Ask Anymore,

P.S.  To my fans: On a technical note, roughly 85 % of “Ask Alannah” dealt with my life or the lives of my friends, former friends, and ex boyfriends.  Thanks for never submitting a question.  I had to be creative, so I was my own muse.  Also, my last advice to whoever decides to be the next “Ask Alannah:” never write about your life in too much detail. Trust me on this, the whole school will know and you will never be able to walk off campus without someone calling you “Ask Alannah.” And finally, shout out to Julia Midland for being my creative inspiration and for everyone in the Post Office for being my biggest fans!