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Xuan Ning Expressway

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Xuan Xuan Ning Ning hang Expressway segment from the Xuancheng Shuangqiao east Xu Omura Xuancheng East hub interchange, East Xuanguang expressway connecting the north, total line in the construction of the Tongnanxuan Expressway and the Ningguo Xuancheng Hangzhou Nanjing to Xuancheng expressway, and finally to Ningguo Ping Xing Cun Ning Guoshu new exchange, to the south of Ningguo qianqiuguan highway and highway Ningguo to Jixi Yang performance. The length of the road is 45.96 km, which is located between eight miles Pavilion in Ningguo City, 6 kilometers between the hub of river and the village of Ningguo, and the highway between Yangzhou and Jixi. This section is a highway with two lanes.
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