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G25 Changsheng Anhui section

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Is an important part of the national key project from Tianjin to Shanwei Expressway. G25 Changsheng Anhui section of the total length of about 14 kilometers, runs through the western edge of Tianchang City, Busan town. Works from Tianchang City, Busan Town, Baoying Village, Tianchang City, finally Tanjian Town Bay Village. There are two interchanges and two bridges in the whole line. It adopts two-way six-lane expressway standard and is totally enclosed and completely interchange. The roadbed is 35 meters wide and the road is 30.5 meters wide. The planned duration is 18 months with a total investment of about 559 million yuan. Opened to traffic in 2006. After completion of G25 Changsheng Expressway in Anhui Province, it is of great significance to improve the trunk line system of the National Highway and the regional road network in East China, construct the provincial highway network skeleton and promote the regional economic development.
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