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Wan Tong, Deputy General Manager Of The Company, Secretaries Xie Xinyu Won

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Jointly organized by the securities times and the "new wealth" magazine's "2012 China value of listed companies Award" ceremony held in Shenzhen on July 31, 2013, the selection of the main comprehensive assessment according to the financial status and governance of listed companies, the organizers with Internet voting and mainstream industry organizations vote by members of the public investors, and experts the review committee review, the final top 2012 listed companies, second of the value of 100 Chinese secretaries medal award.

In view of outstanding achievements in capital operation, investor relations management and information disclosure and corporate governance, deputy general manager of Anhui, company secretaries Xie Xinyu and nine secretaries get much concern to the industry China dongmi highest award - China secretaries medal. At the same time, by the Anhui Listed Companies Association and the Anhui Securities Regulatory Commission comprehensive assessment, decided to grant Mr. Xie Xinyu, "2012 Anhui listed companies outstanding Board Secretary" honorary title. Mr. Xie Xinyu has won the honour for three years in succession.

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