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Symposium On Listed Companies in Anhui

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As for Anhui Province, a listed company on the Shanghai stock exchange to the information disclosure train "," interactive and easy and plan views of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 13, 2013 morning in Anhui Park building on the third floor conference room held the forum of Listed Companies in Anhui province. Anhui Expressway, wanwei province twelve listed company directors, general manager and senior management personnel, regulatory personnel to the Shanghai stock exchange and the securities regulatory bureau participated in the seminar.

Meeting, the representatives of the listed company information disclosure and investor relations management, business training and other aspects of opinions. With regard to information disclosure, companies have said that the Shanghai stock exchange information disclosure through train business

The relevant provisions of article tenth of the guidelines listed companies is not only easy to timely correction, spend a lot of energy exchange, therefore, the proposed exchange company will be amended to improve the relevant provisions; on the investor relations management, the company responded positively to the construction of exchange to strengthen communication with investors, for its use, interactive and easy to live roadshow other ways to enhance the interaction between listed companies and investors expressed full recognition, and the details are discussed; on business training, the recommendations of listed companies Shanghai hold more practical training, rich training content.

Finally handed the deputy general manager Mr. Xu Ming has carried on the summary to this forum, he pointed out that the listed companies put forward many valuable comments and suggestions, the exchange will try to solve all kinds of problems found, the same

He said that with the changes in the legal environment, market environment and technological environment, the exchange will strengthen supervision, strive to improve the transparency of supervision, and strive to improve service efficiency. Therefore, the exchange of this year's work will be implemented in the following aspects: (1) through the information disclosure train to increase the transparency of information disclosure, improve the information disclosure system, and requires all listed companies to learn relevant knowledge to improve the level of their own business; (2) through the interactive and easy to increase the interaction of listed companies and investors at the same time, in order to prevent the leakage of information in advance, the exchange will also strengthen supervision, especially enhance the content of investor inquiries and listed companies in response to the audit; (3) the provisions will improve the listed company cash dividend guidelines continue to improve the level of cash dividends of listed companies, so as to cultivate long-term investors concept, help investors rapid growth.

The meeting between the listed companies, strengthen the listed company and the stock exchange and communication, to build a platform for the exchange to perform their duties better and provide services.

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