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Wan Tong won the top 100 investor relations management in China in 2006

publishdate:2009-08-03 Views:5573

"2006 China's best investor relations management 100 companies" released, Wan Tong company won eighth.

"Top 100 investor relations management of China in 2006" is an important award for the 2006 annual investor relations management selection in china. The contest by the Nanjing University College of engineering management, "China Securities News" co sponsored, should all access to financial relations, hexun.com hosted by Nanjing University, the research and development of "investor relations management evaluation index system" as the theoretical basis, and through the combination of subjective and objective way to Chinese more than 1400 listed the company in the year 2006 the level of investor relations management and performance, comprehensive scoring and evaluation made after the score ranking, the top 100 listed companies, namely "the best investor relations management hundred enterprises. The award is considered the benchmark significance value and significance of investor relations management from a strategic perspective, the active implementation of investor relations management, pay attention to full disclosure of information, and the active use of financial, marketing, public relations and other means and methods to strengthen communication with investors and potential investors in the promotion of investors on the company's understanding and recognition.

Investor relations management is one of the important tasks in the operation of listed companies. Our company several years of continuous exploration and improvement of investor relations management, formulate measures of investor relations management, clear investor relations management mechanism, carry out the performance including conference, seminar, inside and outside the roadshow, participate in the investment analysis, arrangement of fund managers, securities analysts visiting a series of investor relationship management activities. Investor relations management Anhui company received high praise from the securities market, promote the investors on the company's understanding and recognition, but also effectively maintain the company's image in the stock market, to further enhance the transparency of information disclosure, the company and investors closer distance, and laid a good foundation for the capital financing of listed companies.

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