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Wan Tong Co., Ltd. 2007 Interim performance promotion achieved a complete success

publishdate:2007-09-06 Views:4741

From August 25th to September 5th, in the general manager under the leadership of Li Yungui, deputy general manager, Secretary of the board of directors and financial department manager Xie Xinyu Liang Bing, Secretary of the board of director Han Rong 4 people in Hongkong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing conducted a 12 day roadshow.

In August 27th, the company held its 2007 annual performance promotion meeting in Hongkong, attended by the major news media in Hongkong and a number of internationally renowned funds and large institutional investors. After the Hongkong roadshow, the company management immediately rushed to Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing roadshow, and well-known domestic institutional investors to communicate and exchange.

Through a performance promotion session and one-on-one talks, the roadshow manages a total of over 80 fund managers and analysts. Li Zong detailed to introduce them to the company's 2007 annual medium-term performance and recent business environment, and the company is facing opportunities and challenges, but also very concerned about the news media and the securities analyst Nanjing Road extension and its future growth, the company's future development direction and future dividend payout policy issues such as a detailed answer. Through the exchange, so that they further understand the company's management model and future prospects for the future of the company more confident. The roadshow has achieved good results, in September 3rd the company's stock closed at a close, and then a few days have also been good performance.

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