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China International Capital Co and other institutions research Wan Tong company

publishdate:2007-07-06 Views:4763

On the morning of July 6, 2007, the joint research group organized by institutional investors conducted a field visit to Anhui Tong company. In the investigation of the mechanism of Yimin fund, Zhonghai fund, China chemical fiber, rich fund, tonglue investment, Wan Feng friends, textile group, GF fund, Changsheng fund, China Merchants Fund, CCB fund, the South Fund, the new century fund. They have conducted in-depth communication with senior executives about some of the concerns and long-term prospects of the business. Han Rong, deputy general manager of the company, secretaries Xie Xinyu, finance manager Liang Bing and Secretary of the board of directors received a line of cicc.

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