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Anhui company was awarded the 2007 annual China corporate

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Released by the Chinese Social Sciences Institute of world economics and politics of corporate governance research center of National School of Administration, leaders of examination and evaluation research center and Shanghai jointly issued Protiviti Investment Management Consulting Co., the evaluation report of the 2007 annual China top 100 listed companies on corporate governance, corporate governance structure to improve the company's Anhui won the fifth place. At the same time China won the 2007 Top 100 listed companies in eighty-ninth.

The company since its inception, has always been in strict accordance with the "company law", "Securities Law", China commission the relevant laws and regulations and the Shanghai stock exchange, Hongkong Stock Exchange Listing Rules the relevant requirements, and actively improve the corporate governance structure, establish modern enterprise system, standardize the operation of the company, to protect the interests of all the investors.

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