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The Maintenance And Management Of The Company Has Been Checked By The State

publishdate:2005-11-04 Views:4868

The maintenance and management of the national trunk highway in Anhui Province, which lasted 8 days, ended in November 2nd. In the day of inspection briefing, from Shanxi, Guangdong province traffic hall two, trunk highway maintenance and management of our province inspection group of the Ministry of Transportation Highway Division, Planning Institute, strategic highway and other relevant leaders and experts composed of 19 highly.

One is the scientific planning, the "triple play" both, grades of highway construction is prominent; the two is to strengthen the maintenance, coordinated development, trunk road maintenance effect; three is to lay a solid foundation, the establishment, maintenance and management work orderly; four is the strict management, meticulous organization, Department of road network project grants better implementation; five according to the law, strengthen the functions of the management into the legal system; six is to regulate the fees, supervision in place, the toll road management effectively; the seven is to update the concept, deepen the reform, explore a new model of maintenance and management; eight is people-oriented, creating civilization, and constantly improve the level of service industry.

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