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Maintenance And Management Of China Highway Research Institute

publishdate:2005-05-13 Views:4901

May 12th to 13, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of transportation, the Chinese highway association director Li Juchang, director of the Provincial Communications Department, now the provincial highway association director Li Yongduo, China highway society, highway society leaders and experts a dozen people in Anhui Company deputy general manager Zhang Hui accompanied by a special trip to the expressway company research maintenance management work. The achievements of the maintenance work of the company and the idea of innovation are affirmed, especially for the preventive maintenance measures such as fog seal and micro surfacing in the current highway asphalt pavement.

Li Juchang and his entourage listened carefully to the introduction and report, asked in detail about the maintenance management such as management system, road detection, traffic survey, the use of maintenance funds for specific issues such as the on-site investigation of pavement rutting of micro surfacing and milling paving repair after use. Li Juchang believes that the current specification of national unity does have limitation, should be throughout the provinces to organize their own scientific research strength, combined with the actual situation of area exploration experience, and establish and adapt to the geographical features of the specification. Li Juchang requests highway maintenance work should sum up experience, perfect management system, establish scientific and reasonable maintenance management system.

In the high speed field, Li Juchang line of high field road cement concrete pavement maintenance management showed great interest to the high boundary established traffic investigation and analysis system, the implementation of preventive maintenance and fully affirmed, demanding boundaries continue to strive for greater achievements, make a greater contribution to the the development of transportation in china.

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