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High Standards Of International Service Are Adopted At The High Boundary

publishdate:2004-12-03 Views:5002

In April 2nd, the high management held a formal implementation of the ISO9001 quality management mobilization meeting, and implemented the ISO9001 quality management in the whole section, thus making an important step in promoting the modernization of enterprise management. Wan Tong company general manager Li Yungui attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

ISO9001 quality management system certification work was launched in 2004 November. In December 2nd, management office held a high boundary of implementation of ISO9001 quality management system certification work in the mobilization meeting, after the meeting issued the "opinions" at the high field ISO9001 quality certification, professional consulting companies invited to all relevant personnel in the training system, at the same time, through the "briefing", the publicity column about the basic knowledge of then, with the popularization; for the formation of the management control system, ISO9001 certification standards one by one arrangement, revise and improve, and with the combination of OEC management, the formation of 11 parts with 96 chapters high at the interface of the quality management system documentation. The file system started in February 18th entered the stage of trial operation, the trial function indicates that the quality management system certification work to further improve the level of standardized management, managers, managers or our clients, both in the operation of the system in the process of the guidance and help. Next, the Department will enter into the implementation of the standards, review and certification work.

The meeting, general manager Li Yungui pointed out that the ISO9001 quality management system is internationalized and standardized management, standardized management is the current activities of the advanced nature of Party members, the company is to maintain sustained and healthy development of the requirements is to improve the staff's needs, but also deepen the reform, recognizing the high boundary in order to improve the necessity and importance of the implementation of ISO9001 quality management system. He stressed that the high sector in the implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, we must raise awareness and unity of thinking. The ISO9001 system is not only the restriction mechanism, is a kind of incentive mechanism, to implement the humanized management; to seriously study the experience of standardized documents, deep thinking connotation, the process of learning the file as a course of training to improve; determined to overcome all the difficulties, and will continue the implementation of certification to work; pay attention to summing up the experience and lessons of implementing process, promote the healthy and harmonious development of enterprises.

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