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Hefei Management Office Awarded The National Title

publishdate:2003-03-10 Views:4731

Recently, good news came from the "national traffic information communication traffic communication research development symposium of the seventh annual meeting in Hefei Management Office in the control room and won the" national traffic system communication service advanced collective "honorary title, this is the 99 year after the year 97, two times won the national advanced collective communication service traffic system 98 was the year of the Ministry of communications," national communications industry civilization shifangang "glorious title, once again won the award.

The central control room of Hefei administration office is the Nanjing Ning expressway, and it is also an important hub of the expressway network in the province. For a long time, the Department adhere to the "quality service, customer satisfaction" as the criterion, to traffic modernization construction as the center, to the civilized demonstration window and civilization construction as a means of compliance unit, adhere to grasp the service and brand, and strive to improve their own image of the industry, to provide high quality communication services for transportation. In 2002, the central control room to "quality education centered, service oriented, carry out a comprehensive political, business theory and cultural knowledge, to improve their own quality, actively mobilize the Department staff and carry forward the spirit of hard-working and not afraid to fight tough tenacious style, pioneering, enterprising, outstanding work results.

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