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In our province, the truck was officially charged

publishdate:2009-10-12 Views:5566

At 16 pm on October 10th in a new dress, Nanjing airport road crossing, with the vice governor of Anhui province Huang Haisong order, the formal implementation of our province highway truck weight fees, tolls charging new will provide strong support for overloading governance.

Deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of transport, Hu Bing presided over the launching ceremony. General manager Wang Trading Corporation, group general manager Qiao Chuanfu, provincial highway bureau director Cheng Yuehui speech at the ceremony respectively. The main human development and Reform Commission, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial Office of legislative affairs, the Provincial Communications Department, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the Provincial Work Safety Supervision Bureau, the provincial council office, province, province Industrial and Commercial Bureau Quality Inspection Bureau and 7 provincial government responsible for highway operation enterprises to participate in the ceremony. After the ceremony, the leaders of the province watched the operation of the weighing system at the airport toll station, and then drove to inspect the Feidong toll station and the 101 provincial highway Feidong toll station.

In July 18th this year, our province has advanced in Fuyang and Bozhou highway toll collection toll two pilot. The Provincial Highway Bureau, corporation, investment group and other business entities under the jurisdiction of 7 road sections are tough on, are wildly beating gongs and drums of toll by weight preparation. The installation and debugging to the end of September before the full completion of weightcharge equipment. After the pilot work of weight pricing, the overloading and overrun of the vehicles in the experimental sections have been reduced, and the damage to the roads has been reduced.

In the afternoon of October 10th, the province's 10 total mileage of 1100 kilometers, the highway under the jurisdiction of 45 highway toll stations and 20 open toll sites, at the same time start weighing system, the implementation of heavy truck toll. So far, the province has carried out heavy truck toll site has 67, there are 20 sites, including Susong, An Qingbei toll station, did not implement the weight charge. But by the end of this year, these sites will also be implemented in full implementation of the truck weight charge.

With the current vehicle driving license in accordance with the approved tonnage toll charges compared to weightcharge more scientific, at the same time, the new weight charge standards set out penalties for escape inspection on the road overload truck, also has important significance to effectively curb overloading.

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