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Anhui Expressway Is Among The Top 100 Listed Companies In China"

publishdate:2004-10-22 Views:4847

By the study on the reform and development of enterprises Chinese, Wharton Comprehensive Economic Research Institute, Shanghai Oriental TV, economic journal magazine co hosted the fourth session of the Chinese top 100 listed companies summit in Shanghai at the end of the day before. The biggest highlight of --2003 annual forum Chinese 100 listed companies, listed companies Chinese ten business leaders, Chinese listed company outstanding entrepreneur award minghuayouzhu. In the year 2003, Wan Tong company came to the fore with the outstanding achievement of the total profit of 366 million 900 thousand yuan, ranking among the top more than 1300 listed companies in China for the first time (100th place). It is reported that, while the list of listed companies as well as Maanshan Iron & steel, conch cement and Anhui power.

"Chinese top 100 listed companies list, according to the CBT100 index system, the total profit as the main index to sort, increase the main business income, total assets, market value and market value ranking, the order China listed companies in the list of the top 100. Because of the scientific nature of CBT100 ranking, it has been widely discussed and paid close attention to by academia, enterprise and government as soon as it is introduced. "The top 100 listed companies Chinese peak forum" has become the China financial elite event once a year, to enhance the overall competitiveness of domestic listed companies, has made its own contribution to promote the sustainable development of domestic economy and the economic reform process.

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