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Anhui Tong won the "top ten legal risk management award"

publishdate:2017-08-25 Views:6080

In November 6th, the fourth session of the enterprise legal risk management forum and the 2010 China listed company legal risk demonstration research conference was held in Jingyi Hotel Beijing. The forum is jointly sponsored by the all China Lawyers Association, the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and the China Association for the study of commercial law. This is the domestic and foreign capital market first use the method of empirical analysis of legal risk empirical samples to identify the listed company's accounting system, legal concept and legal risk cost, risk cost index for the first time to evaluate the legal effect of risk management of listed companies, the first legal risk management and business objectives directly linked.

This evaluation system enables enterprises to clearly see the enormous impact of legal risks on business objectives, and provides the basis for accurate estimation of the value of legal risk management. According to the Organizing Committee of the legal risk index of the cost of China's listed companies are evaluated, and in the day announced "2010 China listed company ten legal risk management award winners: Chinese Shenhua, Yangtze Power, Shandong gold, iron and Steel shares, Datong Qinhuangdao railway, Anhui Expressway, Eurasia Group, Smith Barney, CITIC Securities, brilliance shares. The corporate governance structure of Anhui company to perfect the legal risk prevention mechanism, perfect the award.

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