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  • Once Un a Lifetime North Korea Most Hospitable Place for World Cup

      In an interesting twist of fate Brazil will no longer be hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup, instead the honor has been passed to the second highest bid, North Korea.  FIFA President Joseph Blatter recommended this switch after four deaths occurred in the construction of soccer stadiums in Brazil, “Kim Jong-Un has done a magnificent job sparking national pride throughout his kingdom and that is exactly the type of atmosphere we want at the World Cup.

  • School Greenery Proven to be Fake

      An initial probe launched by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and backed by the school Biology Department has revealed that the vast grounds of Holy Cross—the  trees, grass, potted plants, stuff in the greenhouse by the cemetery, whacko biology building garden thing, etc.

  • Senior Matt Smith Voted “Holy Cross Doorman of the Year”

      The results are in and the people have spoken. After tallying up the votes placed by the student body this past week, by a long shot senior Matt Smith has been named the best doorman at Holy Cross of the 2013-2014 school year. “It’s truly an honor to receive this prestigious award,” said a beaming Smith.

  • The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale: Why it Worked

      (Spoilers Ahead!)       We finally don’t have to ‘wait for it’ anymore. On Monday night, March 31st, dedicated fans around the country finally experienced the one moment that they have waited nine long years for. Ted and The Mother finally together.

  • Nelly Comes to Mount Saint James

       It was the decade of Konvict Muzik, flare jeans and arm length slow dances. This Spring Weekend, live renditions of “Hot in Herre” and “Ride Wit Me” will throw you back to Nellyville and these middle school social experiments. I anticipate that few of you will cling awkwardly to the walls as your adult selves now fight for the spot nearest the stage and, less than sober, you belt the lyrics that come back to you like riding a bike.

  • Vogue Madness

       This month’s issue of the world-renowned magazine, Vogue, has been wrought with controversy. It is surprising to think that such an admired periodical would have problems, especially being cornerstone of fashion for over one hundred years. If you haven’t yet, pick up a copy for yourself, and allow me to take you on a journey through the glitches found in the April 2014 issue of Vogue.

  • Astrologer Weekly: The Celtic Calendar

       Recently, I’ve discovered that there are other types of astrology.  The first I would like to talk about it Celtic Astrology. Celtic Astrology is comparable to Western Zodiacs, but perhaps a little more “quirky”. The modern day followers of Celtic astrology tend to be regarded as a part of “hippie culture,” and with that said - all of the star signs are named after trees.

  • Holy Cross’s SAFER Takes a Stand Against Sexual Assault

      As April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I wanted to cover an innovative, presidentially appointed committee here at Holy Cross. It goes by the acronym SAFER—Sexual Assault Facts, Education, and Response Team. They are a group of twelve faculty, students, and staff who monitor and advise the president on College policies, practices, and educational programs in order to both prevent and respond to issues of sexual assault on campus.

  • Captain America and Patriotism: A Winter Solider Reflection

      Any Marvel fan will tell you that the patriotic epitome of American pop culture is forever captured in the iconic shield of red, white, and blue, revamped by recent Hollywood zeal.  Certainly, the pulse-pounding ride Captain Steve Rogers takes us on to stop an impending evil that threatens the lives of millions across the globe is one for the Friday-Night-Date-Night checklist.

  • Faculty Spotlight Professor David Damiano

       If you haven’t met Holy Cross math professor, Professor David Damiano, here’s the perfect opportunity! Professor Damiano teaches multiple math classes, ranging from first-year’s “Topics in Math” to senior projects and theses. Damiano says that he likes to teach these various levels of math.

  • 125 College: Catering to All Walks of Life

       One resident of 125 College is taking the next step to ensure that we all have a good time.  “Nico” Fasano, ‘14, has been the latest Holy Cross student to lay victim to the most rampant epidemic/fad the school has seen since the “Granola Plague” of the 1960’s: becoming gluten-free.

  • Editor Speaks Out On “April Fools Day” Issue Confusion Over Why the Entire Newspaper is Not Consid

      Alright, we need to talk about whatever happened last week.    “Hi all!  This is just another email reminding you that next week’s issue is the Eggplant April Fool’s day issue,” read my computer screen four days ago. I do not think I have ever been more confused about anything in my life.

  • Men’s Hockey Team on Thin Ice (lol) Due to Hip New App WiGO

       The Men’s Hockey Team’s season came to an end a week ago after losing 4-1 to the number 1 Mercyhurst Lakers in the AHA quarterfinals game.  Despite a strong season, head coach Paul Pearl was livid in his post-game interview in which he blamed the loss on his players for “going out” every night since mid-December, claiming that he had concrete proof thanks to a particularly popular iPhone app that has changed the Holy Cross social scene forever.

  • The Summer Job Hunt

        Your parents have been harassing you for at least a month now and by second semester, your bank account is begging for reprieve. It’s time to start the summer job hunt and while some have secured coveted internships for the next three months, many of us are still searching for the perfect summer job in which we do as little work as possible for maximum pay.

  • Ask Alannah

      Dear Alannah,   What are your five tips for Holy Cross success?   Sincerely, Your fans   Dear Fans,   1)   Do something crazy, do something crazy… freshman freshman first year first year.  So for all my freshman  first year students out there, this is the time to apply! Whether you dreamed of being an OL or in PKS, it’s your time! 2)   Throw a party.

  • A Must-Watch TV Show: True Detective

      For the past two weeks I have been completely enthralled in HBO’s new drama True Detective. I was a little late to the game, I guess, because as I was settling in to watch the premiere, I saw countless tweets and news articles about the finale. Either way, the show was so good that I’ve already seen the entire first season.

  • Rainy Day Chic

       Can you believe it? We have only one more month until the end of the school year. But as we wait for summer break to commence, we all have to deal with the teasing season of spring. Along with this mockery comes gloomy, yet beautiful rain fall.

  • Astrologer Weely: Aries

      An Aries, for all birthdays between March 21st and April 20th, is the first sign of the astrological calendar. Where Pisces are the aged-old souls, Aries, being the first on the calendar, are more like the infants. Don’t for a second think that’s a bad thing though.

  • What Your iPhone Case Says About You

        On June 29th, 2007 Apple, under the leadership of mega-brain Steve Jobs, released the iPhone 1st Generation to twenty-two countries. Since then, Apple has unveiled seven different generations of iPhone models: the 1G iPhone, 3G iPhone, 3GS iPhone, 4 iPhone, 4S iPhone, 5 iPhone, 5C iPhone, and the 5S iPhone.

  • Shak is Back

       Her hips don’t lie, she has recently been named the most followed Facebooker worldwide, and she’s not going anywhere. Shakira has always been my girl. She’s one of the few celebrities that are known worldwide by their first name, like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Britney.