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A New Perspective

Features Co-Editor

Published: Friday, February 14, 2014

Updated: Monday, February 17, 2014 15:02


  Whenever the ides of February roll around, I’ve noticed people usually have one of two opinions about Valentine’s Day: that it’s a fun way to celebrate your cute new (or old) boyfriend, or that it’s a painfully lonely “single awareness” day. 

   I’ve been on both ends of this spectrum. As Valentine’s Day approaches again this year, I’m reminded of a new perspective I got last year, while studying abroad at St Andrews.

 Valentine’s Day last year brought with it a bright and sunny Tuesday, unseasonably warm for the middle of February in Scotland. I either didn’t have class or I chose not 

to attend, either way I spent 

the day mulling around historic and scenic St Andrews, basking in the sunlight and sipping on an iced coffee with friends.

   We meandered down to West Sands beach, the famous and scenic shoreline of the North Sea. My friends and I set down blankets and tow-

els and sat out on the rocky outcroppings. 

   As I watched the waves break at my feet and felt the 

brisk Scottish air whip past my face, I remember thinking to myself, single or not, how awesome it was to be living in a foreign country, surrounded by people who had come to be some of 

my best friends. 

   So—this Valentine’s Day, if you’re feeling bummed about being single, go out and do something fun with the people you love. 

   Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about sharing love with a significant other—share love with your friends, your siblings, or even just do something for you. 

   Fall in love with a new experience or place this Valentine’s Day.


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