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Ask Alannah

  • No Senior Balls

    Dear Alannah,       I am a senior guy and met my best friend at fall orientation. She is an awesome person inside and out.  With the first month of our senior year already over, I can’t help but think that graduation will be here in the blink of an eye.

  • Desperate in Dinand

    Dear Alannah, I know Dinand isn’t the place to find love, but I think I’m hooked on trolling the Main Reading Room Tables. It started playfully, my sophomore year, when I finally understood that the only place to see and be seen was within the cathedral ceilings of the Main room.

  • Text Me Never

    Dear Alannah,   It was Saturday night and the party I was at off campus had just gotten broken up by the cops.  I walked back on campus and there he was standing at Gate 7 alone. I couldn’t help but say, “Hi.” We used to text but that was something we left behind our sophomore year.

  • Overworked and Underplayed

    Dear Alannah,    I have three ten page papers for two English classes and one religion class...  And then I have a final project due on Monday. I want to participate in Spring Weekend but I don’t know how I will get it all done. I know Spring Weekend is a Holy Cross tradition but I don’t think I can participate.

  • SIP Ruins Friendships

    Dear Alannah,   Lately, Holy Cross has been getting me down.  I am at that point in the semester where all of my friends are on my nerves.  My best friend has been driving me up the wall. Everything he says makes me want to scream.  We recently were both interviewed for the same internship in New York City.

  • Sleepless in Worcester

    Dear Alannah,   Exam week is quickly approaching and to say my roommate is a nerd is an understatement.  I think it’s great that she would rather spend most of her time with her head buried in her Orgo book than talk to me. However, when she leaves the light on constantly and refuses to leave the room to study, I wish she didn’t care about her GPA so much.

  • Piggly Wiggly

    Dear Alannah,   Spring has arrived and I'm happier than usual. You see, while most people look forward to the warm weather spring brings, I get excited for something else: women's feet. There's just nothing quite like seeing all the girls on campus in their flip-flops, walking around and showing their beautiful toes.

  • Homeless in Hanselman

    Dear Alannah,    I am freshman currently living in Hanselman. I have had a really great year with my roommate and figured that we would just live together next year.  Since we got back from break I have noticed a growing distance with her.

  • Sad Face

    Dear Alannah, When talking to the girl I like, I can only muster up the courage to communicate through Snapchat.  I feel that now my feelings exceed the word limit allowed in the text bar under my funny pics.  I can tell that she is opening them.

  • All I want is flowers!

    February 15

    Dear Alannah, I have a dilemma. Recently I have started seeing someone who is considerate, smart, outgoing, and goes to Assumption. It is so nice to have found a guy that is not so self absorbed as some of these guys (or should I say boys) on the hill.

  • Dealing with a Stage 5 Clinger

    February 8

    Dear Alannah,    My typical Saturday night consists of homework. Its not that I don’t want to go out, I just prefer to get good grades.  However, I do know where the parties are.  I hang out with the popular girls in my class so they always want me to tag along.

  • Apologetic in Alumni

    November 30

    Dear Alannah, I have been contemplating contacting my ex-girlfriend who is studying abroad.  We broke up almost a year ago, and I think its finally time to apologize. Our breakup was dramatic to say the least. There was yelling, tears, and of course name calling.

  • Stared at in Stein

    November 16

    Dear Alannah, In my seminar, all 12 of us have to sit in one of those circles that never are really circular in order to “promote discussion.”      My biggest problem with this seating arrangement is the awkward eye contact it creates.

  • Broken Hearted Crusader

    November 9

    Dear Alannah, The summer before freshmen year, I met my soul mate. We spent the whole summer together.  We spent long nights on the beach gazing up at the stars and when August came around, I just knew I could not let him go. We were not official until November, when he said that he only wanted to be with me.

  • I Still Have His Sweatshirt, Do I Give It Back?

    November 2

    Dear Alannah, I met this boy at Salty (I know I am that girl), but this wasn’t an ordinary Salty one and doesn’t hook up. We connected on every level, the Jets, the Yankees, Bruce Springsteen, and even my favorite, Mitt Romney.  We texted almost every day over break, he sent me a pic of his dog, and he even wanted me to come back to school early to “hang out” with him.

  • Skeptic in Smith

    October 26

    Dear Alannah, My girlfriend and I recently got into a conversation discussing whether our relationship is working out or not.  She claims she is in love with me, but I do not know if she is speaking the truth. Recently, I have noticed she has been sending texts to another guy named John.

  • Found the One in Figge

    October 5

    Dear Alannah,    I am in love, love, love…Did I mention I am in LOVE? I have been dating my significant other for six months now and I finally feel that it is time to make my feelings known.  However, I want to do it in the most romantic way possible.

  • Crying in Carlin

    September 21

    Dear Alannah,    I thought my roommate was my best friend. We always used to have a great time together.  However, last Friday night I came back to the room and she committed the ultimate girl crime; she was in bed with my ex boyfriend, whom I am still in love with.