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Ask Alannah

Features Alum

Published: Friday, February 28, 2014

Updated: Friday, February 28, 2014 13:02


Dear Alannah,


Last week I met my Spring Break Immersion group for the first time.  Everyone seemed cool but I really hit it off with this one guy.  I have already started imagining what he is going to look like in a flannel…and little scruff. However, I just started dating someone. My boyfriend doesn’t even want me to go because he has heard so much about Appa Love.   Do I break up with my boyfriend or drop out of the trip?



Appa Lost




Dear Appa Lost,


 You are thinking irrationally. Go on Spring Break and see what happens.  While Appa Love is always rumored, it doesn’t mean it always happens.  You will be spending a week with a group and friendships will blossom.   Enjoy your time immersing in the program and getting to know not only your fellow Crusaders but also the community.  Plus your boyfriend’s opinion should not matter. It seems that he is insecure, and do you really want to be dating someone that tells you what and what not to do


Ask anytime,


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