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Ask Alannah

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Published: Friday, February 14, 2014

Updated: Monday, February 17, 2014 15:02


Dear Alannah


100 Days is this Friday, and I’m scared.



The Senior Class


Dear Senior Class,


Don’t be scared! It’s all in good fun and you’ve come this far so what’s another 100 days or so? Follow these tips to make your 100 Days Ball a success.


The tips to succeed:


1. Don’t be THAT girl/guy.  While it is socially acceptable to go a little wild, remember that the girl who makes out with 40 people, will always be remembered at reunions (and for the next 100 days) as that girl who made out with 40 people. So don’t—unless you want to make this your reputation, then go right ahead.


2. Eat a big dinner!  Since the event starts after dinner, make sure you eat a nice calorie-filled dinner before starting to drink.  You will thank yourself later! And do you really want to not be able to get on the bus, or worse get transported from the DCU?!


3. Make a list. Interpret this as you may, whether it is to make a list of the top five Holy Cross hotties you have had a major crush on for the past four years or if it is a bucket list for senior year.  Sadly, having 100 days left means only 100 more days of living with your best friends, so make every day count.


4. Have fun.  Enjoy the moment and make the most of it. If your dress rips because it’s left over from high school, laugh about it because this is it, folks. These are the so-called “glory years,” so dance until you can’t dance anymore.

  Ask Anytime,


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