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Juan Pablo’s Week: Catching up with The Bachelor

Staff Writer

Published: Friday, February 14, 2014

Updated: Monday, February 17, 2014 15:02


 The minute I found out that this season of The Bachelor would feature a Latin Bachelor, I was all ears. Being Mexican-American and Greek-American myself, I love when pop culture incorporates cultural diversity. First, let me just point out that I was never a huge fan of this show. I think the whole idea is pretty superficial and forced but after actually watching it for the first time, I find it entertaining. It’s a guilty pleasure, harmless.

   I don’t know if you all are joyously plugged into the TV every Monday night to watch JP capture the girls’ hearts and cause chronic anxiety for every moment of uncertainty, but I started putting it on my calendar to watch with my girlfriends. If you don’t keep up with the show, but are interested in being filled in on the past 5 weeks of drama, I can do that for you. To start off, let me tell you a little bit about El Bachelor.

   His name is Juan Pablo Galavis and he’s a Venezuelan former professional soccer player. He’s also a 32-year-old, single parent with a daughter named Camila. His good looks, charming sense of humor, cute accent, and his love for all things music and dance, are some of the things that cause all of the girls to swoon over him whenever they are near. This past week though was definitely a true game-changer in the competition.

   One of the aspects of the show that I really appreciate is the fact that they get to travel all the time. Who would’ve thought that there’d be the slightest bit of education in a show like this? All jokes aside, this past week the whole gang went to Vietnam. Juan Pablo chose to take Renee, another single parent, currently from Florida, but actually born in MA (reppin’ the home state), on the first one-on-one date. Together they explored the charismatic and seemingly scorching-hot city. Other one-on-one dates so far this season have included a winter wonderland in LA with Clare, a half Mexican hairstylist from Cali; a nice dinner in Seoul, Korea with Sharleen, an opera singer from Germany, and more.

   This week was the last week where it was clear who he would send home at the rose ceremony. Juan Pablo seems to be very open and obvious about his feelings towards the girls he likes as well as the ones with which he knows there’s no connection. It’s about to get real exciting because as the number of girls decreases, the playing field seems to be getting more even and he’s going to have to make some pretty tough decisions. As of right now, I’m predicting that Nikki and Kat will be the next ones to go, but we’ll have to wait and see. 

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