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Public Safety Blotter

  • October 4

    Monday, September 23 Wheeler Hall: Smoke detector alarm activated due to burnt popcorn Wednesday, September 25 Hogan Campus Center: Students reported suspected male wearing dark sweatshirt and jeans with longhair and possibly a goatee—Officers checke

  • September 27

    Wednesday, September 18 Loyola Hall: Reported continuation of ant infestation Thursday, September 19 Wheeler Hall: Students were locked out of their dorm. They stated the door was jammed and they couldn’t get the code to work. Call cancelled. Students forced their way in.

  • September 22

    Friday, September 13 Clark Hall: Smoke detector set off by female student blow-drying her hair Friday, September 13 Alumni Hall: Officer requested report in regards to an alcohol confiscation Saturday, September 14 Off-campus: Off-campus homeowner called to report HC students ripping the leaves off trees Saturday, September 14 Off-campus: Caro Street happenings Sunday, September 15 Healy Hall: Student reported a missing/lost pocketbook with ID’s in it Sunday, September 15 Dinand Library: Staff reported a person climbing the wall Sunday, September 15 St.

  • May 3

    Friday, April 26 Lehy Hall: Officers reported that the east exterior door would not secure due to being super glued Friday, April 26 Off-campus: Officers checked out original site of the mock wedding and reported that no one was there Sunday, April 2

  • April 26

    Thursday, April 18 St. Joseph Chapel: Suspicious males were reported being seen near the chapel—no one found in search of campus Thursday, April 18 Off campus: Call received about suspicious person at an off campus house—no one found in the area Thur

  • April 19

    Wednesday, April 10 Gate #2: Off campus patrol reported that the protestor was back Friday, April 12 Easy Street—North: Call received about four males fist fighting—they were gone when officers showed up Saturday, April 13  Fenwick Hall: The win

  • April 12

    Monday, March 11 Williams Hall: A student took a pill and did not think it went down all the way. Saturday, March 16 Mulledy Hall: Broken vodka bottle - glass all over Saturday, March 16 Smith Hall: Early morning Breaking and Entering into the building Sunday, March 17 Off campus: Neighbors called about 50 College Street--loud partying and throwing bottles in street.

  • March 1

    Wednesday, February 20 Clark Hall: No hot water Thursday, February 21 Off Campus: Male and female protestor outside Gate 2—College Street side Saturday, February 23 Loyola Hall: Called in plumber for overflowed toilet Swords Hall/Science Complex: Professor reported flooded restroom in Swords 303 Sunday, February 24 Healy Hall: Received a call from the RA over at Healy Hall stating a student punched a couple of windows on the first floor and broke them and ran off.

  • February 22

    Thursday, February 14 Beaven/Science Complex: Professor locked keys in his office Friday, February 15 Figge Hall: Smoke detector activated due to hairspray Friday, February 15 Hanselman Hall: Staff member reported gas odor by Hanselman Saturday, Febr

  • February 15

    Sunday, Febrary 10 Lehy Hall: RA from Lehy called to report that students built snow fort by dumpster at Lehy and they wanted it knocked down. Monday, February 11 O'Kane Hall: Hole punched in wall.

  • February 8

    Friday, January 25 Figge Hall: Parent called stating her daughter’s room was cold and had been for several days Friday, January 25 Wheeler Hall: Report needed for roommate dispute Friday, January 25 Williams Hall: Smoke detector sounded due to cooking.