Inside WCHC 88.1: Bright Moments – Natives

By Peter McStravick

Music Master

Published: Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Rating: 9.2/10 (For all you college kids, an A-)
RIYL: Beirut, Sufjan Stevens, LCD Soundsystem
   The Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Beirut: What do these names have in common? Kelly Pratt. Kelly Pratt is Bright Moments. Pratt, a talented multi-instrumental musician, has been performing with these accomplished bands for quite some time and has just recently released a solo album entitled, Natives. After touring with other bands, Pratt locked himself in his New York apartment in the 2010 winter to record Natives, and now it is ready to be released to the public. 
   Natives is about the childish nature and simplicity of life; we get too wrapped up in the fast and faster winds that blow dirt on our shoes when we should be playing in the mud with friends. There is always enough time to change our ways, and it is a pity we let petty things break us down. Bright Moments wants us to take a step back, clean off our windshield, and try to see a bigger picture. He encourages the innocence that, as we grow older, we cannot always afford to pay. We were all young once, stemming from the imaginative mindsets that enhance kingdoms and refute iniquity. 
   Beginning with the first track, Tourists, Bright Moments makes the listener feel that they have a role on this Earth crucial to the existence of others: we are all Natives. As a rocket ship synthesizing sound sparks the album, a grand piano, trumpets, euphoniums, and French horns take over. Bright Moment's difference is his blend of traditional folk with contemporary pop-synth, a style that would seem difficult to pull off. One would be rather skeptical to fuse brass-folk with electric accordions and jet engines of an airplane, but somehow Pratt pieces these all together in a phenomenal album. 
   Each track adds a distinct element to the nature of the album and also makes it difficult to pinpoint the sound to a particular taste. Songs like "Milwaukee," "Drifters," and "Travelers" latch onto the similar horn styles as Beirut, Belle and Sebastian, or Devotchka, though also slipping in Pratt's unheard-of use of live bats oandbathtub splashes. The angelic brass movements also make memorable runs in the melodies almost identical to Beirut, retaining the simple ballad style that is seen throughout the album. 
   Pratt's voice is also worth analyzing, as it shows resemblances to French group Phoenix. The reverb of the vocals takes the listener to a more pleasant state, immediately becoming nostalgic. Overall, a very light-hearted album that has many ingredients to turn any room into a welcoming atmosphere! He carries the energy from start to finish and has the listener wanting to explore more by Bright Moments, though this is, surprisingly, his first album. Natives was added this past Tuesday and is now on rotation at WCHC 88.1 fm, Worcester's Only Alternative Source.
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