Father Boroughs Joins Success of Annual Holy Cross Cares Day

By Emma Cronin

Staff Writer

Published: Thursday, March 29, 2012

Updated: Thursday, March 29, 2012

   On Saturday, March 24, Holy Cross held its annual day of community service, Holy Cross Cares Day. This Holy Cross tradition allows groups of students to come together and serve the Worcester area through projects at various sites throughout the city.

   The sites for Holy Cross Cares Day 2012 included: St. Steven’s School, Cookson Park, Pernet Family Health Center, Elm Park, Why Me & Sherry’s House, Nativity School of Worcester, Blackstone River Cleanup, and the Worcester Tree Initiative.  

   The day began at 9 A.M. with an opening ceremony in the Hogan Campus Center Ballroom, attended by all the participants, Holy Cross President Father Boroughs, S.J. Worcester’s Mayor Joseph Petty, and Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. Immediately following the ceremonies, the participants traveled to their assigned sites and volunteered from approximately 10 A.M.-12 P.M.

   Various groups of students from the Holy Cross Community volunteered from performance groups to athletic teams to cultural awareness student organizations.

   “My team really enjoyed participating in Holy Cross Cares Day because we had the opportunity to give back to the community of Worcester in a number of different ways,” said Kelly Burke, ‘14, who is a player on the varsity field hockey team. “We were in charge of helping at The Nativity School in Worcester, and we all ended the day knowing that we had made a big difference.”

   Nick Pelletier, ‘13, a member of the College Choir E-Board, said, “Yet again, Holy Cross Cares Day proved to be a wonderful experience. My group spent the day cleaning up sand from the recess area at St. Stephen School. The deacon who worked with us was besides himself with gratitude for Holy Cross' willingness to assist the parish. In addition to spending the day outside working with friendly company, we were able to directly see the results of our labor. I have repeatedly found that although Holy Cross Cares Day is only one day out of the year, it is a perfect opportunity to work with peers to give back to the community in a meaningful manner."

   As Peter O’Neil, ‘12, the Co-Chair of Holy Cross Cares Day 2012, explains, “[Holy Cross Cares Day] is a day of community service both with the direct Holy Cross Community and the Holy Cross alumni associations across the country.”

   Two years ago, alumni groups joined together to create a Holy Cross Cares Day Alumni Event, which now takes place with Holy Cross alumni in cities such as Boston, New York, Chicago, and Phoenix.  “Alumni would graduate and still want to help out, so they got in touch with Tom Caddigan of the Alumni Association and now volunteer together in seventeen different cities,” O’Neil said.

   No matter where Holy Cross students or alumni volunteer, Holy Cross Cares Day embodies our school’s dedication to acting as “men and women for others.” Holy Cross Cares Day allows students and alumni to get involved by serving the community, which ensures that Holy Cross Cares Day will be a popular event for years to come


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