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  • The Ultimate Crusaders: Jake McLaughlin & Jack Swain The Amazing Race: HC Edition

       Last Sunday, April 6, SGA Athletics and RICS co-sponsored “The Amazing Holy Cross Race,” which was modeled after the TV show, The Amazing Race, and consisted of a race around campus to “find the ultimate Crusader.”     This year, twelve teams competed in the race.

  • 20 Year Anniversary of Rwandan Genocide

       This past week, on April 7, the international community solemnly remembered the mass murder of almost one million ethnic Tutsi by their neighbors, the Hutus, in early spring of 1994. A state of mass complicity and organized killing units perpetrated the most grave crimes against humanity since the Holocaust in the early 1940s.

  • Payscale Ranks Holy Cross Ninth in Nation for Best Return on Investment

       On March 26th, PayScale, Inc. released its fifth annual report on college return on investment (ROI), in which the College of the Holy Cross was ranked the no. 9 liberal arts college in the country. PayScale evaluates over 900 U.S. colleges and universities based on total cost and alumni earnings, seeking to comparatively quantify the value of a college education.

  • Julianne Bozzo Julianne Bozzo Awarded Vannicelli Prize

      Each semester, sixteen of Holy Cross’ politicos head down to our nation’s capital for a busy semester consisting of an internship, a public policy seminar, and, perhaps the pièce de résistance of the program, a forty to fifty-page thesis. While all students down in Washington, D.

  • Working for Worcester Kicks off this Weekend

    This Saturday, April 12, over 1,000 volunteers will work to restore 20 community recreation sites in the second annual Working for Worcester. Headed by Jeffrey Reppucci, ’14, the team has 84 members from surrounding campuses. The group has raised $90,000 and is on track to reach its goal of $100,000.

  • CAB Announces Nelly as Spring Concert Headliner

       Last Saturday, April 5, the Holy Cross Campus Activities Board  (CAB) revealed that the rapper Nelly would be headlining this year’s Spring Concert. The unveiling of this much-anticipated guest was done at the Reveal Party held in the Hogan Ballroom.

  • Chris Matthews Chris Matthews, ‘67, Returns to the Hill

         On April 7, the Holy Cross community welcomed distinguished alumnus Chris Matthews, ’67 back to campus. A political commentator and news anchor best known for his nightly talk show Hardball, Matthews gave a talk Monday night about the themes behind his best-selling book Tip and The Gipper: When Politics Worked.

  • sga SGA Co-Presidents

    Winners Announced Shortly After Debate

       SGA announced this past Wednesday that the new SGA Co-Presidents for next year are John Milner, ‘15, and Payton Shubrick, ‘15, defeating Eddie Cameron, ‘15 and Robbie Tiro, ‘15. Milner and Shubrick begin their term on May 1. One of the main events leading up to the election was the Co-Presidential debate on Tuesday, March 30 in the Hogan 1 Art Lounge.

  • tenure Holy Cross Professors Receive Tenure

       This past week, five Holy Cross faculty members were promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure. In order to receive tenure, a professor must be employed by the College for at least four years as an assistant professor. Also, individual departments and the Committee on Tenure and Promotion “take into account exceptional accomplishment in one or more of the statutory areas of teaching, scholarship or service,” according to Statutes of the Faculty, when deciding which individuals receive tenure.

  • Obama Visits Worcester H.S.

       Students at Worcester Technical High School received a huge surprise Thursday, March 20. In a school-wide assembly, Principal Sheila Harrity announced that President Obama will be the commencement speaker for the graduating senior class this year.

  • Thieves Strike in Science Library

       On Tuesday, March 25, two students’ laptops were reported missing in the Science Library. The incidents occurred approximately at 10 p.m. when two students stepped away from their desks. Upon returning after a few minutes, the students found that their laptops were gone.

  • Power Outage Leads to Internet Failure

       On March 25th, the Holy Cross campus experienced a widespread internet failure that endured for several hours. The source of the problem was a power outage which occurred in Holy Cross’s data center. Although Holy Cross’s Information Technology Services (ITS) explained these occurrences to students via e-mail, most did not receive the notifications until long after power had been restored.

  • College Republicans Rally for Re-recognition

      On Saturday, March 22nd, the College Republicans, Holy Cross’ conservative club on campus, received an email from the SGA Senate informing them that the club had not been re-recognized for next year. Equally devastated and outraged, three-year club co-chair Alannah Heffernan, ’14, emailed the Senate member in an attempt to reverse this decision, claiming that, “The Senate’s decision not to re-recognize the College Republicans is ill-advised and should be reconsidered.

  • Public Safety Condones Vandalism; Directs Culprits to Ugliest Paintings in Smith

       Last month, Dean of Students Jacqueline Peterson notified the Holy Cross community of extensive damage to Smith and Fenwick Halls which followed an act of student vandalism on February 8. The destruction included several shattered Plexiglas door panels and a damaged painting, and occurred shortly after a series of similar destructive acts took place in residence halls across campus.

  • Timehop Causes Severe Scarring

       Timehop affords one a unique opportunity to delve into their past posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other various social media outlets. One can reminisce on the duck lips phase, the dinner he/she had a year ago that no one really cared to like on Instagram, or the various Facebook posts that consisted of song lyrics and subliminal hate mail to the people on his/her friend’s list he/she just didn’t have the heart to delete.

  • Smart Car Gets Stuck on Piece of Gum on Easy Street

       On Friday, March 21, one of the beloved Holy Cross Smart Cars drove over a chewed piece of gum on Easy Street and became stuck.  The incident occurred outside Lehy Hall around 2pm.      “I slammed on the breaks, but it was too late.

  • POT: HC’s Newest Problem

       Last week, the Holy Cross administration declared that pot is the biggest problem on campus, and officials are devising ways to end the nonsense. However, some students doubt these methods will be effective in ending pot—not just because they’re haters—but because pot is an alternative medicine that many students on Mount Saint James are particularly fond of.

  • Housing Lottery to Be Based on Grades

       As April begins, students across the Hill—except the lucky resident assistants who just stand by and watch, snicker—prepare to enter into what many students call the “Holy Cross Hunger Games”: the housing selection process. For the upcoming academic year, the Office of Housing and Residence Life has decided to alter the selection policy, which is assigned to pairs and groups entering the lottery.

  • HC Ranked Number One in Diversity

       This week, Holy Cross was recognized for its diversity. A national advocacy group for diversity in undergraduate education ranked the College of the Holy Cross as the most diverse school in the country. Granted, this group is headed by an HC alum, but word of this accolade is already plastered on the website—so Public Affairs is just going with it.

  • Holy Cross Plans Satellite Campus Abroad in Toronto, eh

       Earlier this week, Fr. Boroughs announced a proposal to keep Holy Cross competitive with other schools by presenting plans for a campus to be built abroad in Toronto, Canada. Having campuses abroad is a popular trend amongst institutes of higher education—such as Georgetown constructing facilities in the Middle East and Harvard working on a pretentious and state-of-the-art campus smack dab in the middle of Haiti.