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BSU Celebrates Art and Fashion Show with its 16th Annual Fashion Show

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Published: Sunday, February 16, 2014

Updated: Sunday, February 16, 2014 17:02


Courtesy of Colleen Paddock

BSU attendees strike a pose, showing off some of the outifts on displaying during the 16th annual fashion show held at Mechanics Hall in downtown Worcester.

   On Friday, February 7, the Black Student Union hosted their 16th annual Fashion Show at Mechanics Hall in downtown Worcester. The theme of this year’s show was “The Art of Fashion,” and the night was divided into five different artistic time periods: Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Pop Art, and Futurism.

   Tickets for dinner and the show were available, as well as balcony seating, which excluded dinner. Many clubs and organizations bought out entire tables so that their members could attend for free. In fact, by Tuesday of last week, all tables had sold, leaving only balcony seating remaining.  
   The event was held in Mechanics Hall, a Renaissance style venue located in Worcester. The runway and tables were set up in the banquet hall, with red-carpeted stairs and chandeliers setting the mood.

  Continuous transportation was available between the Hogan Center and Mechanics Hall from 6:00 p.m.  to 8:00 p.m. Students arriving at the Hall were able to take pictures before sitting down for dinner at 7:00.

   The hosts of the evening, Brendan Higgins and Seun Oke, welcomed the audience and talked about the BSU—a club founded by the first class of African-American students at Holy Cross that focuses on encouraging diversity, leadership opportunities, and embracing one’s own identity. This year, the BSU teamed up with the Women’s Forum to promote the “Not Ever” campaign, a campaign centered on raising awareness about violence against women and providing support for women who are victims of such violence. The cause was heavily tied into this year’s fashion show. “This campaign holds that, no matter what people wear or do not wear, they are never ‘asking for it,’” said host Brendan Higgins. The atmosphere of the room shifted at an emotionally powerful excerpt from The Vagina Monologues, which described one woman’s experience with the trauma associated with being a victim of rape—an introduction meant to remind the audience of a larger purpose.

   Then, the models hit the runway. For each era, the hosts gave a brief description of its artistic techniques and movements and presented a slideshow with famous pieces from the time period. The clothes modeled were specific for each period and displayed the main characteristics of art during those times. Impressionism featured an assortment of pastels and blending of colors, while Cubism relied on geometric patterns. Surrealism introduced the more unique ensembles, with outfits including headpieces and unusual materials.

Pop Art was a slew of vibrant patterns, making use of the technique known as color blocking, which creates outfits with a few different solid colors. Finally, Futurism closed the show with predominantly heavy black makeup and leather.  
   In between the art periods were performances by the Fusion Dance Team and the Dance Ensemble. There was also a prize giveaway with two attendees each winning a $25 gift card.

   Overall, the amount of work that went into this production was immense. Everything was perfectly planned—from the hosts’ humorous interludes to each model’s unique hair and makeup. The models mastered their bold runway struts and their sassy poses, while modeling outfits that were creative and inventive. The members of the BSU and fashion show committees saw their hard work pay off as the large crowd delivered boisterous  and enthusiastic applause.

   The BSU also hosted two events this past week in honor of Black History month. On February 11, the organization hosted a Motown 10-Spot in Crossroads to honor the racial integration between artists of different genres that Berry Gordy Jr. promoted as the founder of the Motown Record Company. On February 13, the BSU also hosted “Black Love” in Hogan Suite B/C from 6-8 p.m. in conjunction with a student panel. 

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