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HC Alum Claims that Recent Hate Speech Escalates

Co-News Editor

Published: Friday, April 26, 2013

Updated: Saturday, April 27, 2013 18:04

On April 3, Kate, a woman who was allegedly sexually abused while on a study abroad trip as a Holy Cross student, began a Hunger Strike. In the past she has done a Vigil for Justice outside the College campus in February of this year, and other forms of protest in the past. She claims she is doing the hunger strike until the administration addresses her concerns, in the way the she wants, regarding her sexual abuse case.

   She has been receiving hate speech in the form of derogatory comments, and on March 29 talked to Public Safety about it. Kate has received hate speech in the past, but she felt it has severely escalated in the past few weeks.    
   “I encountered some last year, but much more kindness,” said Kate. “The same was true for most of the past eight weeks at the Vigil, but the hate speech really spiked recently, so I reported it.”

      While Kate believes that students are sending her hate speech, the administration cautions the Holy Cross community about assuming where the derogatory comments are coming from. Dean Jacqueline Peterson, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, states that the college is following standard procedures for a filed complaint.

      “She can give any information to Public Safety and the administration will investigate the situation with integrity and a standard response,” said Dean Peterson.

     “As of right now there is no evidence that the hate speech has come from students, however, Paul Irish, Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards, has been in contact with off-campus students because they would see her the most and has reminded them to respect her protests.”

      Kate is refusing any medical treatment from Public Safety. She believes she is doing the hunger strike for the right reasons.

       “There are times in every person’s life when a stand must be taken for justice.”

      The administration has been taking the hate speech very seriously. Robert Hart, Director of Public Safety at Holy Cross, is unable to comment on the specifics of the case because it is an open investigation, however he stresses Public Safety’s concern of maintaining the integrity of the investigation.  
      “Public Safety takes all matters concerning hate speech and actions very seriously and investigates any incident to it’s conclusion,” said Mr. Hart. “We also comply with the Colleges, local, state and federal policies and laws regarding hate and any related complaints and crimes which occur on campus, campus owned, or controlled properties. We hold a seat on the Hate Not Here Committee as well.”

      The Holy Cross administration understands that Kate is within her rights to protests and the Holy Cross community should keep this in mind.

      “She is protesting peacefully and has the right to do so,” said Dean Peterson. “Students and faculty should act with dignity and not encourage hate speech or related behavior.”

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Wed Sep 4 2013 16:55
Here is a September 4, 2013 update.

I am back for the third academic year, but the first fall semester. Previously, I was here for two second semesters. I was also around this past summer, when the campus is very quiet, but there are reunions and orientations for new and prospective students.

Unfortunately, the bad conduct of some students began on Move In Day for new students in August. Both incidents appeared to be by upperclassmen. In one incident, the student wore a sleeveless shirt with an American flag imprint. He handled one of my signs and kept telling me to leave. Over and over, he told me to leave. I told him to read the U.S. Constitution. Because he kept insisting I leave, I called Public Safety. As soon as I did that, he left. Public Safety told me they knew who I was talking about....... In the second incident, the student pulled up right in front of me in his car, just a couple feet away and stopped. He then put his middle finger up. I got his license plate number and gave it to Public Safety as a code of conduct complaint.

The other noticeable thing is about a dozen students who make a point of walking close to me and not responding at all when I say hello. I think that's immaturity.

But let's be clear: the vast majority of people are just great. Every day, people stop to learn more, and people who stopped on earlier days honk their horns. There are people I've exchanged greetings with since March 2012. People who engage in misconduct always get more attention, but they are not the majority.

The administration of the college is as nasty as ever. I'd love to hear what Fr. Boroughs says in his homilies. He has breached privacy thousands of times, retaliated for almost two years, and violated many policies of the college. I got to wondering if he is cognitively impaired, since he does not seem to care what policies say. The Holy Cross written policy on peaceful protests says the college cannot interfere in them, and college business continues around the protests. Boroughs has violated this policy from the beginning. He banned me from campus 24/7 when he is not permitted to do this under the peaceful protest policy. He stopped me from being an alumni class agent for my class and he stopped the college from sending me my class letter. He also filed a complaint against my professional license -- which I won. All of these acts by the president of the college violate the peaceful protest policy of the college.

I plan on making this Vigil for Justice my life's work until the college administration deals with policy violations, breaches of confidentiality and many acts of retaliation.

That's the latest, on September 4, 2013. It's good to be back.

VigilatHolyCross dot wordpress dot com

Fri Jul 5 2013 21:13
On July 2, 2013, two large trucks parked illegally in front of the Vigil for Justice and blocked passersby from seeing it. I knew something was going on, so I moved so I could see though it was still hard for passersby to see me and they could not see most of the protest signs. And what happens next? P. Kevin Condron, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the College of the Holy Cross, drives by a minute later.

The College of the Holy Cross acts like it is above the United States Constitution and blatantly violated my civil rights. It is truly shocking, how blatantly the College did this. I think Mr. Condron should step down.

I wrote about this more at my blog, vigilatholycross dot wordpress dot com.

Fri May 17 2013 04:24
Being a Jesuit clergy abuse victim myself, I understand what Kate is experiencing.
I was going to be a nun, and a Jesuit Fr. robot McAuley of University Heights, Ohio, abused me and disassociated my mind so horrifically, as he pushed &pushed & forced & forced my body and mind beyond the human limit. I was comatose bodily and in shock for more than 13 years. Within that time, though it's unimaginable how a "religious" organization could possibly continue destroying, with selfishness/pride/arrogance/hatred/violence/retaliations, the very life of someone they have caused devastating permanent harm to .,,,the Jesuits & the Roman Catholic Church & other power-hungry retaliators against justice,,,all continued to RETALIATE USING THE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMATIC STRUCTURES WORLDWIDE.

There was a live broadcast last month on television, where a Catholic woman stated """"One thing is for sure, the Roman Catholic Church MAKES SURE their victims are NEVER EVER ABLE TO WORK OR EVER GET A JOB AGAIN once the church's victim has told the truth in regard to the Catholic clergy abuse he/she suffered at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church.

The crimes the Jesuits have caused against humanity are unforgivable and unforsakable! The tormenting, the humiliations, the corruption, the hate crimes, the violence, the total destruction of human livelihood ,,,is thrown full force at Jesuit and Roman Catholic victims , beyond measure.

I never knew evil until a Jesuit introduced the deadly powers of hate and hell to me, beginning with the day of their initial clergy abuse crime,,,and then as they continued their crimes against humanity ever since.

I wish every born infant had the opportunity and right to study the history of the Roman Catholic Church BEFORE they are brainwashed into the organization's appetite of always wanting MORE, and never being "fulfilled"", thus TAKING and DESTROYING LIFE, rather than LIVING THE BEAUTY OF LIFE IN THIS TREMENDOUS UNIVERSE AND WORLD!

Maybe if the,world, as Belgium as started to do, would treat the Roman Catholic Institution's CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY like any other criminal in society, the chirch's power to abuse , would dwindle. As long as the church can soak the minds of the vulnerable dry, by sucking society of Life, Monies, Self Preservation, Individual Rights, and the Right to Tell the Truth with Justice, there will be no hope for a healthy society.

The Roman Catholic Church ABORTS LIFE and steals every breath of spirit, humanity, livelihood, power and preciousness from the Universe by USING AND ABUSING LIFE,ON EARTH ITSELF.

Now that the world has awakened to the church's evil and it's historical and criminal nature, Life has a chance
to survive and thrive. The only thing that matters to the Vatican and its channels, is ,,,,""Money, Power, Limitless Ability to use and abuse life in a selfish greedy hoarding fashion. To me, the Roman Catholic Church is an institution of horror, power abuse, hatred, and crimes against humanity!

As,many have said, they are beyond redemption!



Tue May 7 2013 09:27
An update.

Today is Day 35 of the Hunger Strike for Justice at Holy Cross. I will be back tomorrow after obligations somewhere else today.

I want to explain what I asked the college to do.

Because the college presidents, Boroughs and McFarland, ignored problems for years, I contacted the Holy Cross Board of Trustees about the problems which they did not address either. Then the college lawyer filed a complaint against the professional license I earned a few years after I graduated from Holy Cross. All of this occurred after the 26 day hunger strike in March/April 2012. The complaint was filed in July 2012.

I "won" on that complaint filed by the College of the Holy Cross against my professional license. It took 260 days from start to finish, but I won on the papers -- no hearing. I just explained with papers what Holy Cross keeps getting wrong.

Something that seems very important is the president's office (Fr. Boroughs) filed this complaint SIX days after he got a new lawyer. SIX days. I can't help wondering what kind of deceit was running around the offices then.

Fr. Boroughs had his new lawyer file a complaint against my license SIX days after he took the job. And I won. Without a hearing.

Remember I said 260 days?

There have been several things that got my attention on this very long road, like waiting.... two.... hundred... and ... sixty.... days for resolution.

260 days for that complaint that was dismissed.
26 days for the hunger strike last year -- that ended when the college agreed to "settlement talks".
35 days for the hunger strike so far this year.....
11 years of confidentiality breaches and lies, then more breaches and conspiracy and cover up and retaliation and lost work.

Something in my bones said Holy Cross has to address TRUST first.

A really smart Irish lawyer who lives in CT now wrote about how the church will not get past its mistakes covering up abuse until it acts with PENANCE, not just legal outcomes and "justice". She said bishops should be fired and held accountable, and there needs to be real penance.

So I thought about it a lot over a long time, and decided the Holy Cross Board of Trustees and Fr. Boroughs should raise new funds to benefit programs that serve poor people, crime victims, and perpetrators of crime.

For example, with the 260 horrible days when HC filed a complaint against me that I won, I asked the college to raise new funds (not already directed funds) to help many programs in Worcester and the city where I live. $260,000.

With the hunger strike this year and last year, I asked Holy Cross to total the number of days -- 61 so far. So about $61,000. This goes to organizations and people who have proven creative ways to solve problems, which HC should learn from. (Like the Center for Nonviolent Solutions, in Worcester.)

And 11 years of confidentiality and privacy breaches, lying about them, covering it up, conspiring with other people outside HC, and then retaliating..... 11 times 365 times 1,000. That goes mostly to the Catholic Worker movement started by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in NYC in the 1930's. The Catholic Worker has little overhead and generally works outside the systems. I envision setting up a Jesuit Penance Fund, because there are many millions of people who have it much worse than me.

AFTER Holy Cross addresses the penance and shows it is trustworthy again, we can figure out the rest.

If it looks like I am being hard on the Holy Cross administration, it is probably true. But as a very experienced medical person said, "if they can do it, they should do it".

Tue Apr 30 2013 14:32
I owe a young man an apology. Seriously. And it makes me uncomfortable.

I arrived at 8 a.m. and left at 9:15 a.m. because all my limbs were painful and I was losing my balance. Because this comes and goes, I thought it was good to leave and come back later when it might be better. Besides, I also like to save some energy for later anyway. I came back at 10:30 and left sometime after 11. When I was leaving, I was having trouble. And the way I look at it, I unfortunately was stumbling on the sidewalk going to my car when a Holy Cross student came out of nowhere and appeared in front of me. (I think he was just around the turn on Caro, and I wasn't paying attention to anything.) "Are you alright?", he asked with concern on his face and in his voice.

I just picked a bad time to sprain my knee, I answered and sighed. "Oh. Okay." he said.

I did not sprain my knee. This whole thing sucks. Do not ask me how I am, because I am not going to tell you the truth and I do not want to be rude or lie. Ask Fr. Boroughs why he lies. That's why I am here with my stand for justice. Fr. Boroughs and Fr. McFarland told lies, about privacy commitments, then retaliated when I complained.

I do not want to be like that, but it is hard not to lie sometimes.

Seriously, ask Michael McFarland and Philip Boroughs why they lie. Then they try to cover it up, conspire with other people (violating privacy more), and retaliate when I catch them. It just seems pointless to me, why they lied in the first place and then kept on doing it.

Tue Apr 30 2013 06:29
Rob, thanks for the words of support and for explaining things. That allegedly word just bothers me a lot, especially when the story wasn't about the abuse. I used the NYT as an example because it is the ONLY other paper I personally dealt with. (A shocking number of media places just use press releases or quote other media.) The NYT called me when it got a press release. I think I was frustrated when the Crusader story drifted from being about restarting the hunger strike to being about how the college handles hate speech. I care FAR more about hateful conduct of the president's office than about hate speech by some students. The president's office is nasty and ugly, while evangelizing about being "women and men for others".

Thanks again, Rob, for communicating with me. I actually think the writer of this story and an earlier one did a good job with lots of things to sort out.

Mon Apr 29 2013 21:09

I update and run the site here so I often find myself reading the comments that are posted on the articles. As a student at Holy Cross, I wanted to let you know I'm sad to hear that other students have been insensitive and have given you a hard time. I applaud you for standing up against the injustice you have faced, all the more so for the dedication you have put into your peaceful protest. I believe the majority of students who drive or walk past you feel similarly, whether or not they outwardly show it.

As someone familiar with this newspaper, I wanted to mention that I don't believe the use of the word "allegedly" was meant to cast any negative dispersions on your claim. I understand your issue with the use of the word, but I wanted to address the fact that "allegedly" appearing in the newspaper probably has less to do with institutional bias and more to do with a slip or confusion in word choice - we are students, not New York Times columnists. I know the authors and editors here put significant time and effort into writing articles that try to listen to both sides of the story, thus attempting to present a neutral overview of what is going on. I hope that, despite the wording, you do not view an article such as this as casting a negative light on your mission. I cannot speak for the author or the Crusader but I'm quite positive that was not the intention. Yes, we attend Holy Cross and that is going to be reflected in parts of the paper, but I believe it is safe to say institutional bias is not a significant factor in a student-run organization such as this-the school has its own magazine for that.

Again, I am sorry for the trouble that any students have caused you.

Sun Apr 28 2013 19:18
Kay, thanks for your words of support. The word "allegedly" is a problematic word. A neutral way of putting it is "she says ...." The New York Times covered my story a couple years ago, about the Jesuit perp being active in ministry and teaching when that was prohibited by a legal agreement. The Times never used the word "alleged" or "allegedly". The paper also talked to me and the Jesuits and reviewed the past papers. The Crusader never talked to me.

I think you are right that there is some institutional protection going on. Since the article completely left out the retaliation I experienced from the college, I think there is some institutional bias. But it could have been worse. Maybe it was just a lack of space and a quick edit to shorten it. That happens too.

Sun Apr 28 2013 12:01
Kate, your health is more important than anything else so please take care of yourself. I am sorry that all of this has happened to you, but as a victim of sexual abuse by a priest I am fully aware of how the authority of the church does it's best to protect sexual predators by demeaning his victims. You were assaulted. Using "Allegedly" protects the publication which, again, enables the predator. There are many survivors who support you in any way that they can. Know that. My name is Kay Goodnow, not "Anonymous."
Sun Apr 28 2013 11:04
One more thing, but first I want to be sure to explain where I am coming from. I am pointing this out, because it is an issue. I also see how it happens. I have a young relative who is a journalist in NYC and friends who write for a living.

This article says I was "allegedly" sexually abused. No proof was requested by the Crusader about this. This article was not intended by anyone to be about that -- the sexual abuse -- but maybe it will matter to someone. And then I am "allegedly" to someone who cares about that and sees that word.

I have a signed legal document finding me credible and saying so; communication from this Jesuit's family saying he sexually abused them too; court filings by other women; his firing as president of a Jesuit university after he sexually abused someone there and he was beaten up by the football team. I was sexually assaulted less than 5 years after that Jesuit university fired him for sexual assault, when he was president.

Sometimes allegedly means no one knows, and sometimes allegedly means it did not get asked.

I am okay with that after I wrestle with it, but I wanted to explain this to anyone who cares about it too.

Sat Apr 27 2013 22:32
As the person on the hunger strike at Holy Cross, I want to correct something and add something that was missed in this article.

The article wrongly states that I am continuing the hunger strike until the administration addresses my concerns in the way that I want. Actually, I have made proposals to the college, which offered settlement talks 366 days ago but has done nothing to move those talks along. A proposal is a proposal, not a demand that the college do what I want.

Secondly, the article missed the point of the hunger strike. For many years, the college administration engaged in hateful conduct, violating privacy and engaging in cover up and retaliation when I complained. Yet when about 20 students engage in hate speech, the college responds. This was intolerable to me. I have proof of the identity of the students, which I gained after making my initial report to public safety, but I am holding on to the proof and not turning it over to the college unless and until the college administration addresses its own hateful conduct.

Tomorrow, April 28, is the 26th day of this hunger strike. When I engaged in a hunger strike for the first time last year, it ended on the 26th day when the college offered settlement talks. The college has engaged in massive communication failure the past year.

I'll have my hiking poles with me from now on, 'cuz I almost fell over three times on Friday.

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