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MSO’s Weekend Workshop a Resounding Success

Staff Writer

Published: Friday, October 5, 2012

Updated: Friday, October 5, 2012 17:10

 This past weekend, 35 Holy Cross students and several staff members headed to the Warren Conference Center in Ashland, MA for the annual Multicultural Student Organization Weekend Workshop. This workshop, which is sponsored by the Offices of Multicultural Education, Student Involvement, and Student Affairs, as well as Dean Peterson, occurs each year as a learning experience for the MSO chairs and co-chairs.

   Antonio Willis-Berry ’13, the SGA Director of Diversity, explains, “The goal of this weekend was for the MSO chairs to work together to understand the purpose of each individual group, while also talking about their missions, event planning, and collaboration.”  Along with two representatives from each MSO, representatives from CAB and SGA joined the workshop to facilitate teamwork and effective event planning among the MSOs. In addition, the presence of students from CAB and SGA allowed the MSO chairs to make important connections for their future endeavors on campus.

   Throughout the weekend, the MSO chairs worked together in various activities to promote cooperation and unity among their respective clubs.

   “We hope they learned and understood more about the mission of their organization and how it relates to other events on campus,” Antonio says. The Weekend Workshop participants also heard testimonies from several Holy Cross faculty members, most notably Dean Peterson. She emphasized to the students the importance of understanding what it means to collaborate, in order to serve as effective cultural and educational groups on campus. 
  As the workshop came to a close, the participants were split into small groups, in which they were asked to discuss an issue at Holy Cross and how they would resolve it. The groups then presented these issues to Dean Peterson, who advised them on how to make an impact upon returning to campus. In addition, each student devised a goal and shared this goal with one other student. The two students then became accountability partners and will work together on campus to ensure that each student is working towards his or her personal goal. 
   As Antonio declares, “I don’t think anything like this has happened at Holy Cross because the students talked about working together as opposed to what each group needed to do individually.” The workshop’s final exercise demonstrated this collaboration; the groups all worked together to formulate a common mission statement. This statement highlights the mission of each MSO, and also affirms their prominent position at Holy Cross. The mission statement reads: “We rise to the fullness of who we are by sharing and affirming the experiences of our brothers and sisters through respect, action, growth, and equality.”

  The MSO Weekend Workshop was a resounding success, reaffirming the MSO’s necessity, prominence, and effect on campus life as a whole.

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