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Published: Sunday, December 8, 2013

Updated: Sunday, December 8, 2013 16:12

Black Friday Sales are at it Again
The annual Black Friday Holiday came and went with a bit of chaos. Sales began even earlier this year with stores opening their doors by 8 pm on Thanksgiving evening. Even the esteemed Macy’s broke a 155-year long tradition and opened its doors on Thanksgiving. Over 15,000 people, up from the previous years 11,000 waited eagerly for the doors to open and the shopping to begin. There were several instances of violence across the country including the following:
•    A Las Vegas shopper was shot late on Thanksgiving Day as he was attempting to take his newly bought television home
•    At least three people got into a brawl in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Rialto, Calif., because shoppers allegedly were cutting the line. Two were taken into custody, according to police.

•    At another Wal-Mart in West Virginia, a man was slashed to the bone with a knife after threatening another man with a gun. The altercation was over a parking spot
Every year the now notorious holiday re-solidifies its infamous reputation to the dismay of many people. Workers and shoppers alike find the shopping holiday to be reaching a point of being intolerable and un-enjoyable.

However, with Thanksgiving being later in the month, many retailers and shoppers recognize the shopping season before Christmas is reduced by nearly six days this year.

Actor Paul Walker dies at Age 40
Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker passed away this weekend. The 40-year-old star was killed in a single-car crash in California on Saturday evening. Walker was the passenger in his friends 2005 Porsche Carrera GT after leaving a charity event.

The Porsche crashed into a light pole and tree, immediately bursting into flames. Investigation says that speed was certainly a factor.

Walker was also in the process of filming another addition to the Fast and Furious franchise. His death is mourned by co-star Vin Diesel and many other close friends and family.

Train Derails in the Bronx
Early Sunday morning, a commuter train derailed as it hurtled over a sharp curve in the Bronx. A total of four people were killed and dozens were injured. The conductor on the train was a respected veteran, serving Metro-North with almost 20-years experience.

The train line continued to be closed throughout the weekend and in to the earlier parts of this past week as authorities investigate the cause of the derailment. Many passengers felt the train was moving at a very high speed for the area. Gov. Cuomo made a statement believing the crash was “about the speed” of the train.

In previous journeys down this train line, other trains have experienced difficulty negotiating the sharp change in direction. It was said that a train had derailed in the same location earlier this year.

The situation is still under investigation and will be sorted as soon as details are established.

Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy Plays Anchorman in Real Life
Will Ferrell joined the KX News team in Bismarck North Dakota, acting as Ron Burgundy from the comedy movie “Anchorman”.Amongst Ferrell’s anecdotes and side comments, the news was reported as usual by both he and Amber Schatz, a news team regular.

Ferrell’s movie “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” is scheduled to hit the big screen on Dec. 18.

Heroic 10-year-old Honored By An Entire Village
Michael Feeney, a 10-year-old from New Jersey died this past week after a four-year struggle with a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer.

Feeney had shared advice with the mayor, served as police chief, and was supposed to light the village tree for the Christmas holiday. He was an asset to the community and closely affiliated with many public officials.

During Feeney’s funeral, 24 police departments were represented, with eighty officers flanked and saluting. Thousands are still expected to attend the tree lighting ceremony in memory of a child that molded and defined their village.


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