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Holy Cross Considers New E-Mail Server

Staff Writer

Published: Friday, February 18, 2011

Updated: Thursday, February 17, 2011 16:02

 Is it time for a change?  After years of using the e-mail server Novell GroupWise, the College of the Holy Cross is considering its options for e-mail services. Holy Cross is considering changing the campus's e-mail service to one that would give many more services than currently offered with GroupWise. As of now, if permission is granted to transition away from GroupWise, the prospects for the new e-mail service include: Google Apps for Education (a combination of Gmail and other applications offered by Google) and Microsoft E-mail. However, according to Ellen Keohane of ITS, "since we're not already using Microsoft e-mail, the Google offering has some benefits on cost."

   While the decision will not be finalized until February 15, the transition away from Novell appears to be promising, offering a plethora of new features that have many students eager to hear the final decision. Student Corey Beck comments: "I think that things will be much easier if we are able to use all of the features offered in conjunction with Gmail. I can't wait to use the calendar." If this transition occurs, students will have access to applications such as Google docs, calendars, and Picasa which will significantly enhance users' ability to organize their schedules as well as collaborate over the Internet. Adding to the benefits that would follow from this transition, E-mail space would increase drastically from 250mb to 7.4gb. This means that the all too common constant pressure to delete e-mails in an effort to prevent one's inbox from filling up would be minimized considerably.

   As of May 2010, already 30 percent of other colleges in the Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges have made the transition to Gmail, while more colleges are currently planning on making the switch. In addition, 50 percent of the schools belonging to the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities have already moved to either Google or Microsoft Office 365 as their email server, indicating that Holy Cross needs to keep up with the modern, technological times along with their fellow Jesuit schools.

   If the IT Steering Committee votes in  favor of this transition, implementation is expected to occur for all class email accounts in May or June of 2011. Holy Cross is focused on making the best decision for its members and is adamant about ensuring a smooth transition no matter what choice the IT Steering Committee ultimately makes.

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