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  • Confessions of an Online Shopaholic The Ease of Online Shopping is Breaking the Bank

      Every week, my email inbox is flooded with threats to my dwindling bank account: Sephora, Delia’s, Charlotte Russe, Country Outfitters, Storenvy, TBDress, hundreds of emails all designed to shrink my savings to its imminent nonexistence. Hi, my name is Julie, and I am an online shopping addict.

  • Petition to Remove Off-Campus Housing Application

      The SGA Senate has been putting forward a considerable effort to change the policy surrounding the ability of junior and senior students to live off-campus.  Recently, we have started a petition that calls for the right for any and all junior and senior students to live off campus if they wish to do so (unless they have been suspended or otherwise put on leave from Holy Cross).

  • Let’s Get Nude

      Nudity has long been taboo on television, however with the onset of popular premium cable networks like HBO and Showtime, television shows are now allowed to show more than ever on screen.    Shows like Girls and Game of Thrones (both on HBO) are notorious for showing graphic sex scenes and general nudity that leave little to the imagination.

  • Worcester’s Own Rumplestiltskin A Student’s Take on The City’s Taxis

      The cost of a train ride from Boston to Worcester is about ten dollars. Taking that train will get you from South Station in downtown Boston to Union Station in downtown Worcester. “But what then?” expounds the stranded Holy Cross student, who finds himself trapped on the island of overly fanciful architecture surrounded by the water of unemployment and run-down buildings oozing trepidation that is Worcester.

  • Moral and Religious Consequences of a Low-Wage Market

       Minimum wage is an issue of enormous important for the United States to tackle. Our moral obligations require us to treat workers equally and with a respect. Even further, Judaic Christian and Islamic fundamental tenets ask of us to work towards creating an economically fair and just communities.

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  • Be Very Afraid, Says My Old AP Government Teacher

       This will be quick, not just because I have minimal space and it’s very late but also because the message conveyed here, like the title, will be precise. While it may seem that a blow for the constitutional right to spend crazy amounts of money has been struck, this comes at a definite price.

  • Free Thinking Why It’s Easy to be Negative, and Why We Shouldn’t Be

      Learning to love others the way that we would like to be loved is no simple task. The Golden Rule was instilled and drilled into most of us at a young age: treat others the way you would like to be treated. As we grow however, we see more of the world.

  • Democracy Must Decide

      Campaign Finance. Try finding two words that create more of a headache in today’s public sphere. So, “rocket science” might be more challenging. Fair enough. The point, however, is that the McCutcheon ruling by the Supreme Court on April 2nd, which eliminated the cap an individual can spend to influence an election, will make enforcing campaign finance even tougher for the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

  • All Men Must Die:

    Why Game of Thrones is One of TV’s Most Unforgettable Shows

       Note: FULL spoilers for multiple seasons of Game of Thrones (obviously) follow, so if you’re behind or are planning one day to start the show, skip this and find some happier reading.    There are a handful of “Holy S—” moments you remember through your TV-watching life.

  • One Last Hurrah

    Beloved How I Met Your Mother Draws to a Close

       For nine seasons, the hit television show How I Met Your Mother has captivated audiences across America. Though I did not follow the show from the first episode, I will admit to binge watching 7 whole seasons of the show on Netflix in a matter of two short months.

  • The Golden Era

       Right now, we are living in the golden era of television.      Our biggest dilemma is not trying to find a show of considerable quality, but which one to invest our limited time into as we follow characters through episodic plot lines that ultimately allow us to experience life through another (fictional) human being.

  • AMC: Coming Up Big For the Little Guys

       Over the past decade, television has trended in an unprecedented direction. No longer does more money and more power equal more viewers. This is best personified by the success of the cable station AMC, which traditionally has done what most small networks do: air low budget shows aimed at niche audiences and attempt to strike it rich.

  • Coming Together

       Growing up watching television was a privilege reserved for the end of a very long day or for a job well done. Instead of watching cartoons when I got off the bus from school, my mother would send me outside with my rollerblades until dinnertime.

  • Forced Triple is the New Norm: Student Body Rejoices

       When I was assigned to be in a forced triple in the ever-popular Mulledy this past August, I was simply overjoyed at the prospect of getting to know not only one, but two new classmates. I knew immediately that this living arrangement would offer me the smoothest transition from high school to college.

  • Jon Favreau, One of Film’s Finest, To Deliver 2014 Commencement Address

       Last week, Holy Cross announced that Jon Favreau, one of the most popular directors in Hollywood, will be giving the Commencement Address at the College of the Holy Cross on May 23rd, 2014. Favreau’s illustrious career began most-notably with his breakthrough role in the film Swingers in 1996, alongside funnyman Vince Vaughn.

  • Hey, Have You Read The Eggplant This Week?

       In a recent survey conducted on campus, students were asked what motivates them to read the satirical section of the school newspaper, “The Eggplant.” Fifty percent of students responded said they had no idea what the hell that was, while ten percent thought I was referring to the vegetarian option in Kimball on chicken-parm night.

  • The Art of “Ratchet”

       “Let’s get ratchet and find a party,” I overheard on a Friday night. Now, if that doesn’t set the tone for the weekend, I don’t know what will. How could there ever be a better way to kick off the weekend? Having the goal of “getting ratchet” is a wonderful idea, ending in copious amounts of stories you don’t remember, and of course, embarrassment.

  • Best and Worst Bathrooms on Campus

       Before I get into the nuts and bolts of the best/worst bathrooms on campus, I’ll start by giving a few disclaimers:    1. Rankings 10-6 are the worstbathrooms on campus and 5-1 are the best bathrooms.    2. Dorm bathrooms don’t count—shout out Mulledy 3 East, congrats guys, you did it, you beat the system.

  • Creative Writers... or Future Dictators???

       They walk amongst us as our peers.  They blend in, acting as if they are just ordinary students.  Behind this friendly facade, they have a dark secret: They are trying to conquer the world.  I am talking, of course, about those who identify themselves as creative writers.

  • Sorry, Sanchez

       As a Giants football fan (my apologizes to the occasional Patriots fan you’ll find on campus–the Pats are second on my list, don’t you worry), you can bet I was shocked to find recently sacked Mark Sanchez on my doorstep last weekend. I was home on Long Island, and my dad opened the door to see the still quite handsome, but undoubtedly depressed, ex-Jet quarterback waiting quietly.