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Long Distance Best Friends

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Published: Friday, February 7, 2014

Updated: Sunday, February 9, 2014 15:02


My best friend from high school was my rock back then. No boyfriend or outfit went without her preapproval, and no crisis went by without her to help me out. We obsessed over the same stars together and fought over whether E.E. Cummings or Emily Dickinson was a better poet (yes, we were the English nerds in high school). And when the trouble and heartbreak of high school and of life knocked one of us down, we pulled the other back up and kept going. We fought through the dregs of high school together and made it out together. Upon graduation, however, we both went off to our own schools, of course. She was my best friend, and she still is. The only difference now is that we are long-distance best friends. 

   When friends leave each other, some move on after goodbye; some try to keep a friendship there, but it eventually fizzles out; and some stay just as close as before they left. I’m lucky enough to say that I am apart of this third group. My best friend lives far away from me now, and in a lot of ways it sucks. I miss having her around, and I constantly get jealous of people whose best friend is readily available. I can’t just call her up on Saturday night to see if she wants to watch Saturday Night Live with me anymore; all episodes watched are either done while talking on the phone or watching together over Skype. I don’t have her sitting next to me in calculus anymore to quietly explain all the things I’m too afraid to ask the teacher and to distract me with our favorite game, MASH. 

It’s tough being so far from her, and even though most of the time it’s really hard, there are a lot of things that make a long-distance best friendship really awesome.

  1. You have an excuse to take a vacation! Is the semester hitting you hard? Take a weekend off and take the train over to see your best friend. It’s like a mini-break, and you come back feeling so much better about everything you still have to tackle because you just had a much-needed, long overdue weekend with your best friend. 

   2. You always have something to look forward to. Whether it’s your Skype date planned for the night, a letter in the mail, or your next visit to her school, you cannot wait! Since you two aren’t by each other’s side every second of the day like you used to be, each interaction with your bestie is so much more exciting. Time with her is rare, and you know that.

   3. The best care packages ever. Your best friend knows what you like, and when she sees something that reminds her of you, of course she picks it up, along with a million snacks, and sends it to you. Surprise!

   4. Your reunions are all planned at the beginning of the semester. You have a countdown on your phone for each one, and activities planned for them all. And when you two finally get together after your long separation, you have so much to tell each other! You have to fill your best friend in on everything they’ve missed since your last reunion. They have to know everything!

 5. You know all their home friends. You’ve heard endless stories about Liz and Josh and John, snap-chatted them numerous times, know all their likes and dislikes, their mannerisms, good sides and bad sides, and they know all about you, as well. Then when you all finally meet each other, it’s like you’ve all known each other for years!

   6. You know that your friendship can survive anything. Some days your bestie may seem unattainable and you spend your time counting the miles and the days that separate you. But even distance can’t destroy your friendship – that’s how strong you are! If you and your bestie can survive being miles and miles apart and all the struggles that go along with it, your friendship can survive anything. Years, miles, and conflict are no biggie for long-distance best friends, and that’s what makes a long-distance best friend the best kind of friend.

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