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Ryan Miller’s Time to Shine

Opinions Co-Editor

Published: Friday, February 14, 2014

Updated: Monday, February 17, 2014 15:02


One of the hardest parts of leaving Western New York and coming to Holy Cross was leaving my hockey team’s territory. I love the Buffalo Sabres, and coming to Worcester meant no more of their games on TV. Thankfully, you can watch just about anything on the Internet nowadays; but still, nothing beats walking into First Niagara Center, breathing in the icy air, and cheering on my favorite hockey team. However, since the NHL is on an “Olympic break,” I can’t watch the Sabres for a while. Yes, you can laugh at me all you want and joke about how I love a losing team—they’re not doing so hot, but I know they’ll come around! The Sabres may be on a losing streak, they may be last in the Atlantic Eastern Conference, and their L10 record may only be 2-7-1, but a girl’s got to have a little home-team pride, right? And that pride stems from the one and only Ryan Miller, starting goalie for the Sabres.

   The only consolation for not being able to watch the Sabres games is, of course, getting to watch Buffalo’s beloved Ryan Miller play for Team USA in Sochi. This is Miller’s third time representing Buffalo and America in the Winter Olympics, and although the USA men’s hockey games haven’t started yet, I know he won’t disappoint.

Miller first represented the USA in the 2006 Winter Olympics when he was made a reserve on the team. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to play that year. However, Miller played as the starting goaltender upon his return to the team in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. That year, he led the team to a silver medal (the gold went to Canada in a excitingly tense overtime, and the bronze went to Finland), was voted MVP of the team, and was also placed on the all-star team. Later that same year, Miller also won the Vezina Trophy for being the best goaltender of that NHL season. Since the 2010 Olympics, Miller has continued to perform amazingly on the ice during the regular NHL season, even though the rest of the Sabres struggle to catch up. Miller is an outstanding player, which is difficult to see when his talent is overshadowed by the follies of his Sabres teammates. The Olympic rink, however, is where Miller’s talent never goes unnoticed. 

   Now, Miller is back for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, and if his past progression shows us anything, it’s that we can only expect more from this Sabres goalie. I couldn’t be more excited to watch him play this year and to see if the drive that brought him the silver in 2010 will take him to the gold in 2014. As a Sabres fan and a Western New Yorker, I’m proud to say that my favorite goalie, Ryan Miller, is representing our country for the third time in the Olympics. He’s proven himself to be a Sabres fan favorite as well as an outstanding leader for both the Sabres and Team USA. 

   The first game for Ryan Miller and Team USA is coming up on the thirteenth and is against Slovakia, which could be a tough competitor for America. Still, with winger Marian Gaborik’s collarbone injury, Slovakia is missing a top player, which could prove to be detrimental in the end, and with Ryan Miller holding down the net and with players like Zach Parise on the ice, I think Team USA has a great chance of winning. 

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