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  • Purple Pennings with Patrick Buscone

       This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with the head coach of the Holy Cross Men’s Basketball team Milan Brown. With a recruiting trip and a trip to the Final Four over the past week (no, he did not convince Julius Randle to transfer to Holy Cross instead of going to the NBA, I asked), he was quite busy, so I greatly appreciated the time he took to do an interview with me.

  • A Second Look in Baseball Instant Replay in the 2014 Season Thus Far

      The difference between baseball and many other sports is time. Baseball is not a timed game. Football, hockey, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse all have limits. The players feel pressure and the fans get excited because everyone knows that time is not limitless.

  • Bruins Prepare for Playoff Run, Seek to Avenge Last Years’ Loss

      “Bergeron! Bergeron! Wins Game 7 in overtime!” At least I got back to my room in time to witness the Bruins pull off one of the best comebacks in NHL history against the Toronto Maple Leafs in last year’s quarterfinal round.  Why wasn’t I watching the do-or-die game from start to finish? I was studying for a final and was checking the score periodically.

  •’s Crusader of the Week: Michael Ortlieb, ‘16

      Holy Cross Sophomore Lacross Goalie Michael Ortlieb was named’s Crusader of the Week for March 31-April 6.      Ortlieb helped lead the Men’s Lacrosse team to victory against Lafayette 10-5 on April 5.      While the team lost to Sacred Heart 12-11 on April 8, Ortlieb made 11 saves.

  • Working for Worcester Event Held Tomorrow

      On Saturday, April 12 over 1,000 volunteers will renovate 20 recreational sites in the surrounding communty. Working for Worcester, now in its second year, is designed to improve local recreational spaces and promote city pride. Some renovations include putting up basketball hoops, renovating a clubhouse for a local children’s baseball team, and creating a multimedia recreation lounge.

  • Why College Basketball is Better Than the NBA, More Upsets, More Drama

       The immense popularity of the NCAA’s March Madness Tournament turns the casual spectator into an avid college hoops fan for at least a few weeks. But, overall, college basketball, which runs from October to first week in April, provides the best basketball on the planet.

  • Purple Pennings with Patrick Buscone

      Remember when Warren Buffet offered $1 billion to anyone who could pick a perfect bracket and suddenly everyone thought it would be them? Yeah, that was funny. Instead of anyone winning the billion dollars, everyone just realized two things that we probably should have known from the beginning.

  • The Mysterious Case of DeSean Jackson

      On Pi[e] day of March 14th, 2012, DeSean Jackson just had a lot more cake to eat— he inked a five year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles for a cool $51 million dollars. Jackson shined in the 2013 season as the quintessential deep-threat in a score-happy Chip Kelly offense, logging a career high 1,332 receiving yards with a career-tying 9 receiving touchdowns.

  • Looking Back and Moving Forward: Baseball, Boston, and Belief

      “Your grandfather is smiling right now.” My uncle texted me that as Koji Uehara was finishing off the Cardinals en route to their third World Series Championship in the past ten seasons. I watched as Uehara struck out Matt Carpenter and jumped into the waiting arms of David Ross to celebrate while Joe Buck yelled, “It has not happened at Fenway Park in 95 years!” Elated, I immediately wished I could have been at Holy Cross to see the chaos that erupted around campus when the majority of New England students went nuts in celebration.

  • Holy Cross Hosts Regional at the DCU Center

      After coming back from the Weekend Workshop on Leadership, I got back to Holy Cross, dropped my bag off in Loyola, and ran back up to Hogan to get a taxi. Why did I do all of that running around? The first reason was that my dad was in Worcester and I have not seen him since January since I went on a Spring Break Immersion this year.

  • Purple Pennings with Rick ConeBus

        What if I told you that the greatest intramural volleyball team was denied a chance to play in the playoffs? What if I told you that corruption and politics doomed the legendary DirtyMikeandtheBoys? What if I told you that the story of DirtyMikeandtheBoys was the greatest tragedy in sports? This is the story of DirtyMikeandtheBoys and everything you are about to read is entirely true.

  • May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor The 1st Annual Holy Cross Hunger Games

        Upperclassmen at Holy Cross know that a common tradition among freshman dorms is to compete in a campus-wide game of Assassins. For those who do not know, Assassins is a game where every participant is given a popsicle stick with another participant’s name on it.

  • Holy Cross Senior To Compete At National Chuck-A-Puck Competition

        For Holy Cross senior Brendan McGill, life could not be any better at the moment. Last week, McGill won the Northeast Regional Chuck-A-Puck competition in Boston, earning himself a spot on the big stage at the National Chuck-A-Puck Championship.

  • With Baseball Season Coming Up, Commissioner Bud Selig Announces Call For More Steroid Use

      Steroids, as most of the American public has come to know, are performance enhancing drugs that can transform a bad player to a good one, and a good player to a great one. Kind of amazing, right? Take some roids and all of a sudden, BAM! like magic, you’re a baseball player.

  • Ben Cherington on World Series Three Trips in a Decade is Enough

         It is no mystery that the Sox have been pretty lax this winter. I mean, they let high profile free agents like Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Jacoby Ellsbury, and are patching up their roster with the likes of Grady Sizemore and AJ Pierzynski.

  • Purple Pennings with Patrick Buscone

       I’m writing this on Sunday, you are reading it on Friday, or some later date. As I write this, March Madness has yet to begin, but I earnestly hope that you read this article in front of a game. If I can do my homework in front of the TV, you can read this article during the games too.

  • March 21st Moments in Sports History

        It’s 1934 and there are two runners on base in an A’s – Dodgers exhibition game. Pitcher Babe Didrikson walks the first batter, and hits the second. Now there are two runners on with no outs. Didrikson only faces the minimum of three batters though, as the third hit into none other than a triple play.

  • March Madness Set to Begin, The Crusader Staff Makes Their Final Four and National Champion Predic

        Even though March is known for St. Patrick’s Day, every year the entire nation is abuzz with filling out brackets and predicting a national champion in men’s college hoops. Unfortunately for Holy Cross, the men’s team was not able to make it this year, but hopefully the young team can win the Patriot League and score some upset victories over some of the best teams in the country.

  • HC Women’s Basketball Falls in Patriot League Title Game

        For the third consecutive year, an incredible season has ended with heartbreak for the Holy Cross Crusaders women’s basketball team.      After an outstanding Patriot League Tournament run that saw wins over favored opponents Bucknell and Navy on the road, the Army Black Knights defeated the Crusaders at West Point this past Saturday by a score of 68-58 to record their first Patriot League title and NCAA tournament berth since 2006.

  • Purple Pennings with Patrick Buscone

       Let’s face it; this is a pretty abysmal time of the year. A good day is one that comes close to 40 degrees up here in Worcester. A bad day is one in which we get 87 inches of snow, then have to hire Balto to drag us to class, because why would school ever be cancelled? And a normal day is somewhere in between.