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Pining for Success

Holy Cross Welcomes New Athletic Director Nathan Pine

Staff Writer

Published: Friday, February 7, 2014

Updated: Sunday, February 9, 2014 14:02


  It has always been a dream of Nathan Pine, a native of Eagle Point, Oregon, to become an Athletic Director. Pine achieved his dream on December 17, 2013 as he was named Athletic Director at Holy Cross. He succeeds Richard M. Regan ’76, who announced in July that he was stepping down.

   Pine’s journey began at his alma mater, Oregon State University, where he received his B.S. in Business Administration with degrees in Marketing and International Business and a minor in Pre Law. Upon his graduation, Pine served as the Assistant Director of Facilities and Event Management at Oregon State. He was involved in facility development and fundraising. He also played a major role in the capital construction projects at Oregon State University. With his input and efforts, Oregon State Athletics was able to complete construction on a $97 million dollar stadium renovation.

   After Oregon State, Pine’s next stop was West Point. He spent four years at the military academy as a member of the athletic senior leadership team and also served as the Associate Athletic Director. His responsibilities included business initiatives for West Point involving external operations for athletics. He was also credited for athletic fundraising. During his tenure at West Point, athletic fundraising significantly increased which in turn facilitated new athletic infrastructure.

   After Pine’s stint at West Point, he became the Assistant Athletic Director at the University of California, Berkeley. Cal Berkeley is a member of the PAC 12 conference. During his time at Berkeley, he helped lead an unprecedented $500 million dollar athletic fundraising effort. This was known as the Building Champions Campaign and is to date the largest single unit campaign in the history of Berkeley. In addition to his impressive athletic department contributions, he received his MA from Berkeley.

    Pine’s success at Berkeley enabled him to be appointed Deputy Athletic Director of the University of Maryland, College Park, a member of the ACC. His primary responsibility was to oversee Maryland’s athletic department business contracts. He also managed the Under Armour all-sports apparel partnership at Maryland.

   I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Pine for a few minutes at the Holy Cross women’s basketball game this past Saturday to discuss the future of Holy Cross athletics. Our interview touched on a variety of topics including his perception of Holy Cross. He noted that he has held Holy Cross in high regard since his time at West Point, when they competed against each other in the Patriot League Conference. He is very excited to embark upon a new adventure as Athletic Director. 

   “I have always had a genuine interest in the Holy Cross Athletic Director position as the school is comprised of a passionate student body and alumni base that values high academics and appreciates competitive sports,” Pine said. “It is such an exciting opportunity to be a part of an athletic program with such great tradition and potential.”

   When asked about his short-term and long-term goals as Athletic Director, Pine expressed his optimism for the future of Holy Cross athletics.

   “One of my short-term goals is to focus my energy and efforts towards improving Holy Cross athletics and to work to raise the level of finances that will be conducive to a successful athletic program,” said Pine. “My long-term goal and strategic vision is to make Holy Cross more competitive athletically and create continued financial success. It is of great importance that Holy Cross maintains its high-academic standing while becoming more competitive athletically.”

   Nathan Pine has an impressive and extensive résumé, which has prepared him for his current position. He has the requisite athletic background while being cognizant of the academic rigors of top tier schools. Pine and his staff are anxious to implement their ideas to build the financial and physical foundations necessary for highly competitive athletics at Holy Cross. Holy Cross is fortunate to have hired a person who has the marketing and financial experience to build on Holy Cross athletics strengths and to address and improve its weaknesses. 

   Furthermore, Pine exudes the necessary confidence to accomplish his goals for Holy Cross athletics. His confidence is contagious and the Crusader Nation should be excited to experience a new era of Holy Cross athletics under the leadership of Pine. It is exciting to know that the future of Holy Cross athletics is in the hands of a proven success.

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