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Purple Pennings

  • There is, Afterall, Only One October

    With Tuesday’s warm weather it is clear that fall has finally descended upon Mount Saint James. Well maybe not your grandmother’s fall, but as close as we’re going to get in the age of global warming and ocean acidification. With the advent of fall we will once again be able to enjoy apples, pumpkins, Saturday Night Live, nifty seasonal brews, hockey (yes hockey is a fall sport, why thank you, the Bruins begin play this Thursday), football, more football, even more football, and perhaps the occasional cider.


    Welcome back to campus! In a week I couldn’t make up my mind I’ll give you a piece of my mind on all the topics nagging sports fans everywhere. So to take Vince Gilligan’s (Executive Producer of Breaking Bad, great show, watch it) advice, buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  • A View From the Field and the Booth: Catching up with Mike Barry and Dom DiPersia

    This past week, I was able to catch up with Mike Barry,  ‘14 and Dom DiPersia, ‘14, two individuals who know their way around Holy Cross Athletics. While Mike looks forward to the upcoming football season, serving as an intern on the coaching staff, Dom will look forward to covering the action on the gridiron as the new Director of Sports Programing at WCHC, with a staff including our own Zach Lanning, Patrick Kurr, and Eric Sherman.

  • MLB Preview: Part Two

    As promised, I bestow upon you part two of the MLB Preview with final thoughts as well as early playoff predictions. Enjoy. National League East Washington Nationals: 1st NL East    The best team in baseball, the best team in the National League East, the Natties have high expectations coming into the season.

  • MLB Preview: Part One

    It’s that time of year where ballplayers everywhere take to the field to the rhythm of John Fogerty’s classic Centerfield. While the early days of the season will be welcomed across the nation by fans everywhere, they should also separate the men from the boys so to speak.

  • A Few Thoughts Before Break

    Thank the lord spring has almost sprung. Nicer weather, outdoor activities, and the resumption of activity on the Hoval will great us all upon our return from spring break. More importantly, however, with the encroachment of warmer weather, spring sports will be in full swing, as Holy Cross and other local teams make their way up north from far warmer climes! WOOOOOOOOOO!!! No longer will our loyal legions of purple people eaters need to endure the sad display of sportsmanship which has so far characterized the winter sports season.

  • A Modest Proposal

    Dear Father Boroughs and Mr. Dick Regan, One hundred and seventy years ago Benedict Joseph Fenwick, the second Bishop of Boston, founded the College of the Holy Cross. Having originally intended to establish the college in Boston, Fenwick was spurned in his efforts to do so because he intended to establish an institution grounded in the traditions of Catholicism, a faith which was held in contempt by an Anglo-Protestant dominated society. 3 comments

  • The Ravens Fly High on Super Bowl Sunday

    February 8

    As expected, the Ray Lewis farewell tour came to a dramatic finish Sunday night. Now the real party can begin. Neither a power outage nor the efforts of Colin Kaepernick could derail Lewis from destiny, as the Ravens held out against a second half onslaught, accepting both crown and scepter as the rulers of the NFL universe, in a 34-31 victory.

  • Cy Dickey: Baseball’s Only Remaining Knuckleballer Wins Cy Young in Dominant Fashion

    November 30

    If, say, five years ago I told you that R.A. Dickey would win the Cy Young Award in 2012, you would have responded in one of two ways: either you would have asked “Who the heck is R.A. Dickey?” or you would have laughed in my face. Believe it or not, I have actually known who he is for a while now.

  • Death, Taxes, and the Giants Struggling in the Second Half

    November 16

     It’s official: the New York Giants’ annual second-half swoon is in full effect. After a 2-2 start, the Giants went on a torrid four game winning streak, including impressive victories over the 49ers, Cowboys, and Redskins.    Since then, New York has looked absolutely anemic: they only lost 24-20 to the Steelers, but anyone watching that game would tell you that they never really stood a chance.

  • New York Groove: Knicks Off to Best Start Since 1999

    November 9

    The New York Knicks enter play today with a 3-0 record, their best record three games into the season since the start of the 1999-2000 campaign. Jeff Van Gundy led the Knickerbockers to 50-32 record, taking them to Game Six of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, where they lost to the Indiana Pacers.

  • The San Francisco Giants: Baseball’s Next Dynasty?

    November 2

    The San Francisco Giants completed a sweep of the Detroit Tigers, winning their second World Series title in three years. Quietly, the Giants won 94 games, beating out the Dodgers by a comfortable eight game lead. Although Los Angeles received much more attention in the media, thanks to Magic Johnson’s group’s acquisition of the franchise earlier in the year.

  • From the Vault: Alumni Spotlight featuring Matt Chmura, ‘03

    October 26

    Since the NHL is still currently in a lockout, I figured some of the hockey fans on campus might get their hockey fix with this story from last year, when Matt Chmura, Class of 2003 brought the Stanley Cup to Holy Cross.    The Stanley Cup, the trophy which is awarded to the National Hockey League Champions, made its way to Holy Cross this past Saturday, marking The Cup's first trip to Worcester.

  • Major League Baseball Postseason Preview

    October 5

    By the next issue of The Crusader, the Major League baseball playoffs will be well under way, so what better time to do a little playoffs predictions?    In the National League, with the exception of the upstart Nats, none of the teams are real shockers.

  • A Wild Ride: Orioles, Athletics Sit Atop American League Wild Card Race

    September 28

    In a season filled with surprises and intriguing storylines, the Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics have been the two most shocking teams. Baltimore hasn’t been in the playoffs since 1997, while Oakland is over .500 for the first time since Ken Macha took them to the American League Championship Series, where they were swept by the Detriot Tigers.