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Seahawks Dominate Broncos for First Super Bowl Win

Chief Sports Editor

Published: Friday, February 7, 2014

Updated: Sunday, February 9, 2014 14:02


Growing up a New England sports fan during the 2000s certainly makes you spoiled. If the Patriots winning three Super Bowls in four seasons was not enough, the Celtics, Bruins, and the Red Sox (even including last season) have all been crowned champions.  However, unlike other sports, the Super Bowl attracts people whether they are fans of the two teams or not.  Even those who do not care about football still love to watch. 

   Obviously, this year’s matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos proved to be a matchup without much passionate fan interest at Holy Cross. It is safe to say that football fans from Denver or Seattle are few at a school on the east coast.  Despite this fact, I sat riveted in front of the TV with fellow Holy Cross students as the number one offense battled the number one defense.

   The Super Bowl is so unique and watched by millions across America for various reasons. Unlike the other major sports (baseball, basketball, and hockey) where their championship games are decided in a best four out of seven format, the Super Bowl is one game, winner take all.  The high stakes in this one game certainly makes for some memorable moments and stand-out performances. 

   Those performances certainly happened, albeit only for the winning team. Entering the Super Bowl, I certainly expected a close game. To my surprise, the game turned out to be a blowout from the opening play. The snap over Peyton Manning’s head set the tone as the Denver offense could not get into a rhythm all game long. The Seattle defense stifled the potent wide receiver threats that Denver boasted. 

   On the offensive side of the ball, Seattle converted on many third downs with key passing plays from quarterback Russell Wilson. Wide receiver Percy Harvin, injured for the majority of the season, broke the game wide open with a second half kickoff return for a touchdown as well as serving as a running back on a few plays in the first half.  Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch was also able to pound the Denver defense with his hard runs all night long and contributed a touchdown to the victory. 

   Linebacker Michael Smith, who intercepted one Manning throw and returned it for a touchdown, was named the MVP as Seattle went on to dominate the game.  The final score was Seattle 43-8.

   Of course, for others, the draw to watch the Super Bowl comes from the commercials and the halftime show and this year perhaps the commercials and halftime show turned out better than the lopsided action during the game itself.

   This year, the commercials were as humorous and unexpected as always. The cameos in commercials were certainly memorable this year, ranging from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Jerry and George from the ‘90s TV show Seinfeld. Ironically, the award for cutest commercial actually came from Budweiser whose commercial with a puppy and a horse at the end of the game proved to be an adorable ending to the Super Bowl commercials.

   Lastly, the halftime show featuring Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers was the best one for me in recent memory.  Not only did Bruno have impressive dance moves, but he also chose good songs to sing. When he sang “Just the Way You Are” after a video played showing war veterans wishing love to family and friends, I knew that it was definitely one of the best halftime shows I remember seeing. 

   While the game certainly showed once again why defenses win championships, and despite the blowout score, the Super Bowl and all that accompanies it, from the commercials to the halftime show, did not disappoint.  The win for the Seahawks was their first ever Super Bowl win and to defeat the future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning en route to the win was impressive. With young quarterback Russell Wilson, one of the youngest defenses in the NFL, you can expect the Seahawks to  make another Super Bowl run next year. 

   Even though the Patriots, the team I typically root for, was not there, I know that I will always watch the Super Bowl. For Americans, I doubt the appeal of one game, winner take all, will ever go away.

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